Gift Basket - Wax Melt Starter Kit

 This is a lovely starter kit for someone looking to scent their home without being exposed to chemicals and enjoy both botanicals and honeybees!

This gift basket includes a reusable bamboo storage basket with handle and is quite sturdy and well made.

2 kinds of hand crafted 100% beeswax melts that come in a pre sectioned clam shell container that allows you to break off small cubes to be used in the melter. These melts last a very long time and can be used over and over. Please see more detail on our website with more information for the individual wax melts and other kinds available.

A basic ceramic wax melter is included and is easy to figure out. Place one of the wax melts at the top of the dish and you can see where the candle goes inside, underneath.

We are including 4 of our own hand poured 100% virgin raw beeswax tea lights that offer a light fragrant honey scent of their own and additionally help to clean the air from allergens.

There is an adorable beeswax dipped honey bee holiday ornament and it doesn't necessarily need to be packed away after the holidays. It would look quite cute to hang anywhere in the house away from heat.

A branch of our sage will be found tucked among the goodies and this is to be used for smudging or can be placed in an outdoor campfire or proper fireplace.

An aromatherapy cotton drawstring satchel will be included with each kit that will go along with the theme of the basket. Each basket has a different one and it could be clove, rose petals or menthol. These can be tucked in drawers, in closets or even in the car. They are made with infused organic rice and natural botanicals.

You will additionally find some fun frivolous decorations and items tucked among the main attractions and we hope you will find great joy when discovering all the fun and usable items within the gift basket! Each basket is custom made and we will do our absolute best to match each one with the photos. Some may be slightly different than the others in regards to the decorations and/or ribbon.

Note - There will be a handling charge for shipping this basket as it will involve special care and additional supplies to ensure that it arrives intact. We encourage local pick up if you are planning to ship out other items during the season as it may be less costly. These baskets are limited and once they sell out, we will no longer be able to offer them.

White Melter - Cinnamon/Clove & Honey/Sage

Slate Gray Melter - Cinnamon/Clove & Honey/Sage

Rose Melter - Rose/Patchouli & Menthol blend

Blue - Lemongrass & Menthol Blend

Neutral cream - Nag Champa & Menthol blend

 Neutral cream - Nag Champa & Sage




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