Aromatherapy Pillow ( Selections )

Aromatherapy pillows offer many uses and can be enjoyed as a warm compress or as a cold compress. They are used to assist with sleep, for travel, young children, stress, anxiety, relaxation and for neck or lower back support.

The pillows are made with herbal infused organic jasmine rice inside a hand sewn soft cotton pillow. The natural scent will last a few months and then you may refresh it with a few drops of your own essential oil or we can offer a separate purchase of essential oil pillow spray.

Once the natural infused scent fades, the use of the pillow is still very useful in the household.  If kept in the freezer, it's a first aid for bumps, bruises, fever, puffy eyes, headache or heat stress.   If you gently warm the pillow in the microwave, its wonderful on the back of the neck for strain or on the tummy when you have cramps. Leave the pillow in your bed for neck support or lower back support for when you sleep. 

We offer a separate selection of JUST Lavender pillows and here we are sometimes able to offer other selections like lemongrass, vanilla, menthol and other natural scents.

A warmed aromatherapy  pillow placed over the sinus cavity can help relieve sinus pressure and is wonderful to have on hand when not feeling well.

A warmed aromatherapy pillow will give much relief to a painful jaw, ear ache or toothache.

Pillows measure approximately 4" x 8".

Customer Reviews

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Tina G
Restful nights

I sleep well every night now thanks to my lavender pillow. In the summer I keep it in the freezer it’s cool and refreshing every time.

Cassie Ware

I have the cinnamon one and Love it


I am in love with my gardenia scented aromatherapy pillow. I love to heat it up and put around the nape of my neck after a long day of work to help with tight upper shoulders from sitting at a desk and work stressing all day. The aromas also help to call me.

Also great for menstrual cramps.