Bar Soap - Cold Brew Coffee Bar

This is a hard working hand crafted bar soap that can be used for both the face and the body. 

It cleans like a champ with removing deep down grime without stripping your skin!

Completely plant based with plant oils and fresh ground cold brew coffee. We do not add any fragrance to any of our bar soaps and this bar in particular will not have any natural essential oils and therefore is completely unscented with just a slight whiff of the ground coffee.  Most store bought coffee soaps are made with synthetic fragrance that simulate the scent of coffee. You will NOT find that here. 

It's an excellent man bar but is lovely enough for women.

Keeping your skin hydrated requires protecting the natural oils in the top most layer that help lock in moisture. Ditch harsh soaps containing irritating surfactants like sodium laurel sulfate that dry the skin. Try a natural bar soap and you will feel the difference!

Cleansers made with natural ingredients and plant-based oils are gentle and help hold in moisture, where  alcohol-based formulas can strip the skin of its natural oil’s. 

All of our bar soaps are made with the base of extra virgin olive oil, sustainable palm kernel oil, shea butter, cocoa butter  and a double batch of cold brew coffee.  We fresh grind whole roasted coffee beans to then allow to steep at length to draw out beneficial ingredients for our skin. Cold brew coffee is made without heat and has a lower acidity and a slightly higher caffeine content than hot brew.

Caffeine benefits the skin with its strong antioxidants, reduces inflammation and can help with smoother skin tone.  Caffeine has been shown to be very capable of stimulating the enzymes that break down fat. Use this bar on a regular basis and directly on the skin to exfoliate areas such as thighs to help reduce cellulite and smooth the skin.  This bar is made with fine ground coffee and will have a light texture to it. Do NOT use this textured bar directly on delicate skin such as face but to use a clean washcloth or soft loofah instead.  The Cold Brew Coffee Bar is safe to use "indirectly" on the face. 

The bar soaps are naturally (air dried)  cured over several weeks which allows us to offer a nice hard bar that will not turn to goo after only using it a few times.

All of our soaps are artisan crafted in house by a single soap maker with many years of experience.  Our soaps are safe for the planet, lakeside friendly and will not offend the senses with overpowering smells. 

Full sized bar soap (approx 4 oz weight ) that stays firm and lasts. 

May we recommend -

We do offer a fresh ground whole bean Coffee Sugar Scrub. If you crave the natural scent of strong coffee.....this is a MUST have.  This product compliments the Cold Brew Coffee Bar.  Are you a coffee addict?    We also have a yummy Cinnamon Coffee Lip Balm and a ridiculously strong brew of Coffee Beeswax Wax Melts.


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Customer Reviews

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Cassie Ware
New favorite

Since I am super sensitive to fragrances this soap is perfect. The coffee grounds are great for exfoliating.

Great Exfoliater

Coffee grounds in soap make for a great cellulite buster on the thighs and backside..already feel and see a difference.