Beeswax Wraps

We offer hand made all natural beeswax wraps that are used to cover plates, bowls or to wrap foods in. They are reusable over and over and then later you can just toss them into the trash or compost them.

The wraps are 100% cotton and hand crafted with our own local beeswax. They are pliable and easy to use by wrapping your bowl and then using the heat from your hands to activate the beeswax to allow it to cling. You can  fold the wrap upon itself for extra strength and cling.

We do not add any type of synthetics, petroleum, pine resin or fragrance and use just ONE ingredient.....Beeswax!

Our beeswax wraps are unique because we use raw unfiltered beeswax that offers a natural resin called "propolis". Both the beeswax and the propolis offer double duty anti bacterial properties and work well together to offer a strong beeswax wrap.

This is a great opportunity to allow you a better option at eliminating plastic. However, there are some pros and cons. The wraps cannot be used for raw meat and some other foods but are excellent for fruit and vegetables. Many blogs show how you can wrap a sandwich with it but its not really that easy as you will have a hard time pressing the wrap without squishing your sandwich but you can certainly tie it in place or use a rubber band.

There is a little care involved as you will need to wash your wrap in cool water only and with mild soap (preferably plant based) ,  after each use. Lay it out flat to air dry and then we recommend to store it flat or loosely rolled.

Beeswax wraps are not to be used in the microwave, dishwasher, with hot foods or hot water.

They have a lovely faint scent of honey beeswax since the wax is not refined or bleached, like the kind that is found in the craft stores. There are no chemicals in the beeswax to leach into your foods and will not leave a oily residue on your glassware or plates.

Use them to cover drinking cups or platters when outside to deter flies and bugs.

When foods such as salad or cheese plates are ready but need a cover until dinner is ready, these are perfect!

We enjoy using these in our home and they make great conversation pieces when we have company over. We present them a platter of fresh cut veggies and fruit that are protected with these cute beeswax wraps. It gives us the opportunity to spread the word and educate our friends about the down falls of plastic and promote a greener planet.

We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do!

We offer a single wrap that measures 10 x 10 inches. They can be cut in half it you would prefer two small ones and this can be done at home with a pair of scissors.

Customer Reviews

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Allison Gaines
No waste!

Love how cute these are, but mostly love not creating extra waste and being able to use over and over again!

Cassie Ware
Wonderful product

I had started seeing this wraps on the internet and wondered how well they worked and truly how “safe/clean” they where. When I seen ONL had them I jumped knowing I could trust it to be made safe/clean (not China). I wrap my homemade granola bar in it every morning to take to work. It keeps it fresh and saves on using disposable plastic bags!!