Cup of Coffee Holiday gift

This is perfect for coffee lovers!

Offering an oversized glass coffee mug overflowing with coffee inspired aromatherapy and natural body care.

We all love a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes we wish we could have a bit more than we should.   This is a perfect comprise!  Coffee offers caffeic acid, an antioxidant that can boost collagen levels and may reduce the premature aging of cells. Caffeic acid also offers antimicrobial properties to help protect the skin againts germs.

Using coffee as aromatherapy will boost your energy, lift your mood and help with focusing on tasks in hand. 

Together you will find a full size bar of our Dark Roast Cold Brew Coffee Bar Soap, a moisturizing Vanilla Coffee Solid Lotion Bar, a Vanilla Coffee Beeswax Lip Balm and a delicious Vanilla Coffee Roller Ball.  Everything is full sized and very aromatic!

The Dark Roast Cold Brew Coffee Bar is completely plant based and with dark roasted coffee beans.  Its exfoliating, safe for all skin types and without scent. Just a gentle whiff of coffee as you use it.

We created a special Vanilla Coffee Lip balm that is made with raw beeswax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic handcrafted coffee oil, our vanilla oil, vitamin E, stevia extract and a small hit of cappuccino.

The Vanilla Coffee Roller Ball was also created to match the theme! Made with rich hand crafted coffee oil that is made in house. Whole dark roast coffee beans will be continuously infusing with coconut oil and our vanilla oil.  Use as you like on the pressure points such as the wrists and its lovely on the back of the hands.

We feel that the star attraction is our newest creation! A decadent rich Vanilla Coffee Solid Lotion Bar that smells good enough to eat! You will be very pleased with the scent and its powerful moisturizing properties!  Made with raw beeswax, organic unrefined cocoa butter, our coffee oil, organic coconut oil and our own vanilla oil. The lotion bar comes with a protective aluminum tin.  This is one of the absolute best products for damaged cracked skin and a little goes a long ways!

We have added a bit of holiday cheer and wrapped it up to be the perfect gift!

We are offering a second option in a traditional gift basket style that will include our ceramic logo cup with a little more holiday cheer!

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Abi Liebe
cup of coffee

it's all wesome