Canister Tea Kit

The Canister Tea Kit has everything that you need to brew a perfect cup of tea!

The metal tea canister measures 6 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide with an airtight locking lid.

Inside the canister you will find a stainless steel tea ball infuser, two sample teas, a 4 ounce jar of raw honey and a disposable bamboo spoon.

The tea canister will hold a large amount of loose tea and we recommend to just brushing it out with your hand or small towel when changing out different teas or pre line it with a bag. Do not put it in the dishwasher and we recommend just hand spot cleaning.

The tea ball infuser has a spring handle with a fine mesh that will easily hold up to 2 tablespoons of loose herb or tea. Its dishwasher safe but we recommend just hand rinsing and dry with a towel to ensure longer life.

You will find two samples of tea.  We chose two simple teas that most are familiar with and are easy to brew.   Hibiscus tea can be infused hot or cold and is delicious any time of the day.   Chamomile is widely known to help reduce stress and soothes the tummy.  Both teas are safe for all ages to enjoy and can be combined or used individually.  ONL grows both of these herbs on site without chemicals and commercial fertilizer. Both sample tea bags combined  will make up to 4 cups of herbal tea. 

A nice sized 4 oz volume jar of our raw local honey is included and fits perfectly inside the canister.  Our raw honey changes seasonally and you will receive the natural flavor on hand from a recent harvest.

For the herbal tea, use 1 tsp in a cup of very warm water to then steep for 8-10 minutes.

This is a great travel kit that can easily fit in a duffel and is lightweight. If traveling by plane, we recommend the honey stick straws that we carry, to comply with travel restrictions with fluids. They fit perfectly inside the canister  

The kit also makes a perfect gift and especially for those who are not equipped with the tools needed to make a nice cup of tea. 



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Cassie Ware
Free gift

Won this great item in one of ONL’ s contests!!! Super cute and keeps your teas fresh!!! I plan to use when I go on a trip.