Herbal Tea - Young Hyson Green Tea

We offer a high quality Young Hyson Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)  that is completely organic and sustainably sourced.   It is harvested earlier, "before the rains," and has a full-bodied, pungent taste and is golden in color.  It is a stronger version , compared to Sencha green tea.   

Young Hyson green tea type is made from young to medium leaves in a long twisted style and provides a fragrant aroma.

To get the most benefits from green tea you should pay attention to the brewing method, use fresh and properly stored quality tea and make tea a part of your lifestyle. Green tea in particular is highly antioxidant and can fight free radicals and help decrease oxidative stress.

Start with cold, fresh quality water. Preheat your teapot/cup  or it may cool your brew and not steep properly for maximum benefits. Use 1 tsp to 1 Tbs per 6 oz of water, depending on how you like it. Steep 4 minutes, covered. Do not boil your water as it will over process.  Do not squeeze leaf while straining and the loose leaf can be reused up to 2-3 times in the same day.

Blends well with chamomile, ginger, mint and hibiscus.

If you are interested in making a large 1 gallon batch of iced tea, use 4 Tbs per one gallon.  You can steep the tea in a glass measuring pitcher of 4 cups/1 qt and then add the rest of the water to make one gallon. . 

2 oz wt package / 10 Tbs

Customer Reviews

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I like mixing different teas and this one is really good with hibiscus tea. If you add frozen berries and coconut milk it taste like the the VIOLET DRINK from a well known coffee shop chain. They use sencha tea in theirs but I like the flavor to make with young Hyson instead! Can't go wrong with any tea from Oakwood!

Cassie Ware

Very much like the Sencha Green tea in taste with a touch more flavor. So much better than store bought green tea!!!