Hive Tincture

This tincture is a blend of several valuable hive produced raw products that include propolis, pollen, honeycomb, honey & royal jelly, in that order.  The dominant ingredients are propolis and pollen and this tincture is more golden in color than the pure propolis tincture.

This blend contains spring pollen which is the most important pollen to consume for those that suffer from seasonal allergies. Raw honey on its own offers valuable pollen particles and is very useful for seasonal allergies but not everyone can use honey daily and this tincture may be an excellent alternative on its own or to use additionally with your honey. Using Pollen in a tincture form allows the best possible absorption and maximizes the entire pollen granule before it goes through the digestive system.

The Propolis, as many of you already know, is an amazing compliment to your wellness routine. It is highly anti inflammatory, packed with nutrients, fights infections, is antiviral and antibacterial.  All of our raw propolis products have more than proven themselves over the years and we are excited to offer it in a blend specifically to help with seasonal allergies.

Honeycomb is usually a novelty with some eating the sweet wax for taste but it is also beneficial for the immune system and has several  protective qualities. Unfortunately, raw honeycomb can be difficult to locate and is not convenient for everyone to eat regularly.

Royal Jelly is exactly that! It is very "Royal" and is used by the bees to feed the babes and the adult queen.  Royal jelly has been proven to contain important proteins,  several antibiotic, and antibacterial components. Royal jelly is VERY difficult to harvest sustainably, very labor intensive, and is perishable. This is why it is difficult to find a quality pure raw royal jelly.  We are only able to collect this product when we have a hive in overdrive with trying to produce multiple queens at the same time. A hive cannot have more than one queen and multiple queen cells can pose a problem inside the hive.

We will not be able to offer this seasonal tincture on a regular basis but it will be a great opportunity to boost your system as a complimentary support for allergies, nutritional value and as an all around immunotherapy.

This product is not for people that are allergic to bees or honey. It is gluten free and in its purest form. Appropriate for children at half dose and to be gradually introduced over the course of a week.

As with ALL new products, it is important to test in small amounts and to give the body time to recognize and adjust. Too much at one time could cause an allergic reaction or tummy troubles.  When first using, adults are to use 15 drops on the first day and then may increase slightly the next day and so forth. Work your way up to 1 full dropper full per day with a maximum of 3 full dropper fulls (max dose) per day.  One dropper full for adults daily should be more than enough to feel the results and can be increased or decreased as needed without exceeding the maximum dose.

This product must be diluted  in a very warm to hot beverage or food. Adding it to your morning coffee or hot herbal tea is the perfect way to enjoy this tincture.

We do offer a pure Propolis Tincture but on occasion, we are able to utilize several other important ingredients from the hive when we do a harvest. 

We do not like to specifically harvest from the hives for products unless we find a hive box that offers an over abundance so that it will not stress the bees if removed. When we harvest honey, we always make sure that they have enough for themselves or we will feed it back to them, should they experience a severe shortage of food.

Propolis is collected over time to then allow us to make the tincture and other products. We rarely collect the pollen unless we have a boon crop and an excellent bloom season. The Royal jelly is always left for the queen but on rare occasion, we will have an opportunity to collect a little bit without harming the hive.

Packaged in a 1 ounce glass dropper bottle, shelf life is indefinite.

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