Soothing & Sanity Stone Satchel Collection

Worry stones or thumb stones are often used for stress relief, meditation and anxiety reduction.

Rubbing your thumb and forefinger against the smooth stone can stimulate nerve endings that send messages to the brain and give the feeling of calmness, help loosen the abdomen and open breathing airways.

We have hand selected 4 very important stones to give support to our daily hectic routines.

Black Tourmaline for protection and to assist with blocking EMF.

Clear Crystal Quartz for balance and energy.

Gold Pyrite is used for strength, energy, confidence and to assist with blocking EMF.

Silver Hematite represents blood flow, increased circulation, stability and detoxification.

This lightweight satchel will be handy to keep on your person and to travel with. This is an excellent collection for traveling on a plane or experiencing extremely stressful scenarios. No real skill or knowledge is needed to apply these healing stones when needed. Just simply select one or all stones to gently rub with your thumb to sooth those worries and reclaim your sanity!

Your Soothing and Sanity Collection will include a cotton satchel with 4 authentic healing stones and a note listing the stones.

This is a Unisex collection for mental wellness, meditation, yoga and self healing.

Note - Because these are authentic stones, each kit will be slightly different from the next with coloring of the stone or pattern.

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So pretty!

Love love love these! Very pretty and just as described. The stones fit nicely in your hand and feel nice, good weight 💙