Natural Laundry Spray

Our laundry  spray is an excellent option for when you are looking for a little scent in your clothing while trying to avoid synthetic fragrances and other chemical laden treatments.

Keep a bottle of our laundry spray on hand to then use in many ways when doing the laundry.

Its main purpose is to mist  your natural laundry dryer balls and toss them in to the dryer to then roll around and add a natural scent to the clothing while drying.  You can also allow the clothes to dry first and then mist the dryer balls  for the last 5  minutes of drying.

If you do not have dryer balls, then you can mist the inside dryer walls to then add the clothing.   You can use a damp old wash cloth as your reusable dryer sheet and apply your laundry spray to it to then toss in with clothing.

These sprays are made in a specific way to safely apply scent without staining but we do encourage you to be mindful when using on delicate light colored clothing and to always shake the bottle very well with each use.

As a wrinkle remover, apply a light mist over clothing while on a hanger to allow it to relax the fabric. If needed, you can use your hands to then gently pull the fabric straight while allowing the mist to air dry.

Shrinkage sometimes happens when you wash clothing in hot water or to much time in the heated dryer. Mist the clothing lightly to then gently pull the fabric with your hands to stretch the fibers back into place.  Let the item dry on a  hanger or leave on a flat surface to dry after reshaping. This works  very well when the hemlines and cuffs are bunched up and wrinkled. Apply the spray to the hemline to then smooth the fabric back in place.

Denim jean waistband shrink in the wash? Apply the spray to the outside waistband and get dressed while the denim is damp for it to reshape to your body.

This spray has many uses and can be used to refresh carpets, rugs, curtains, couches, pot holders, dish towels, cloth place mats, bath towels, auto mats, inside laundry baskets, jackets scarves, robes and sock drawer.

Laundry spray is not a new product and in fact, linen and laundry spray has been around for a long time and can be found in the stores. Unfortunately, you may also find a long ingredient list on the back of a linen spray bottle that includes synthetic fragrance, allergens, suspension chemicals and other toxins. Ingredients such as benzene, fragrance, formaldehyde and phthalates  can do more harm than good. These ingredients can lead to dermatitis of skin, dry cough, unexplained allergic conditions and air pollution inside your home.  

Test First! Make sure that you are not allergic any of the herbs or essential oils used in this product.  Make sure that your fabrics react as they should and not stain or show where you applied the laundry spray , if using directly for wrinkles.

We do not recommend using the laundry spray directly on white or light fabrics, silks or other fine materials that easily stain. Some  fine fabrics have more ability to catch and hold a stain more than other fabrics such as denim or cotton blends.

Our laundry spray is made with just 2 ingredients with a water base and blended with pure natural essential, plant oils and in an 8 oz spray bottle. 

This spray is specially formulated for laundry use and is not recommended for application on the skin. Keep away from pets, especially cats, when using the spray.

Choose a naturally scented laundry spray for a cleaner and chem free home!



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Angie Daniels
Love doing laundry!

The laundry spray is amazing! I spray it on my dryer balls and the smell freshens the whole room. Everything comes out wrinkle free, soft and smelling great.