Ordering / Shipping / Labeling / Packaging

We started many years ago by gifting our products to friends who then showed their friends. We were then invited to a local farmers market and then expanded to other farmers markets. Clients asked for us to be more available than just on the weekends and we are in several local stores now. The people that purchase from the markets and the stores are not always locals so then we had requests for an online store.

This website was put together due to the high volume of requests  by people wanting to have access to our products. Many of our photos were personally taken of our actual products without airbrush, graphic design or fancy software. We have no creative advertising or marketing managers involved. Our packaging isn't fancy and many of our labels are simply typed out and taped to the bottle.  Fancy labels and packaging costs money and we feel that our products speak for themselves and therefore help us keep the prices affordable. 

Our products are all small batch, handcrafted and individually bottled by hand to ensure the highest quality and standard. We try to include as much information as possible on our homemade labels but you will find more detailed information on this website for each product.

We do not have a large warehouse or use any type of storage with our products. When an item is ordered, it is either "just" recently fresh made or "it will" be freshly made just for you. With this in mind, we are in no way comparable to Amazon or other online companies with fast shipping. We guarantee "lovingly slow" shipping turn around and you will receive your products after it has been handmade fresh and to our satisfaction. We have very strict standards regarding the quality of each and every product that we make and offer to you.

Oakwood Natural Living offers free local pick up if you happen to live nearby in St. Cloud, Florida.  We have two store locations, local Farmers Markets and "gate pick up". Gate pick up is when you can meet us at the front gate at our farm and it will be given to you personally.

Cancellations - We request that you make any cancellations within 48 hours of placing your order and before it has actually been shipped out. There are no penalties for cancellations within reason.

Refunds - We unconditionally guarantee all of our products with offering full refund LESS the shipping costs both ways.  We offer FULL refunds for any local pickups or purchases at the stores or farm markets. No questions asked. Refunds are acceptable within 7 days of purchase or date received if shipped.  If you happen to not personally like a specific product that was gifted to you, please contact us to discuss your options. We want you to be happy and not stuck with something that you will not use.

Damaged goods - We protect our products the best that we can when being boxed up and shipped out. We reuse and recycle cardboard boxes, shipping, and other materials to help with costs and practicing green living.  If you receive an item damaged in the mail from our negligence, please contact us immediately for a free replacement. We will cover the postage! IF the post office damages the products through mishandling or your dog  ate the goods, we are unable to cover those products.  Boxes received from the post office or other delivery methods that are left out in harsh elements such as the Florida heat, over a long period of time,  could jeopardize the quality and we are unable to cover those products due to damage from the elements. Please find a friend to pick up your package if your going out of town, so its not left in the elements.

Out of Stock - Occasionally, we run short of an item due to availability. This can be caused by (and not limited to) its popularity, seasonal herbs, infusion or extraction of herb times or holiday season. Sometimes we suffer from a drought period and our plants will not produce a large harvest.  We will contact you if an item was listed on the website and has become unavailable during the time of order and we will figure out a solution. We want to be sure that your are never disappointed and we will do the best that we can to make sure we can find a solution.

Party or Large Orders - If you plan on ordering a large number of items as party gifts, please allow us enough time to have enough containers, to make your product fresh and get it sent out. We LOVE putting together fun products for baby showers, bachelor,  bachelorette, Easter, Christmas, dinner parties, new home gifts, birthdays, children's parties and office gifts. We can do herbal themes with lavender, peppermint and even honey! There are other themes such as relaxation, tween or go green for St. Patricks Day! We create many care packages for those who are ill or receiving medical treatments.

Shipping Charges - We ship primarily USPS.  If you need expedited shipping, we can arrange that by you contacting us directly.   We are unable to ship internationally at this time, including Canada.

Shipping prices are usually in the $8-$12  range within the U.S., close to us and under 3 lbs total weight with box and protective materials. California is a wee bit more in price.  We do not charge for handling, shipping materials and absorb the credit card fees.  It is a labor of love to box up your ordered items and get them to you!

The containers and packaging in the photos are "usually" how your products will arrive. On occasion, we may not have that specific brown or blue bottle, or the white lid jar. If this happens, we will package your item in a container that is comparable with the same exact amount of product that you ordered. Because we are not a large company, we are unable to order large bulk quantities of bottles and jars just yet, nor have the storage space. We will do our best to keep up with the demand and make sure that you are satisfied. We can certainly guarantee an exact container if a large order is made in advance, allowing us to order the necessary matching containers before shipping your order out. For example, if your looking for 50 rose petal facial scrubs for a wedding shower, we can certainly do this with advance notice.

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to your order!