Our Natural Living Ingredients

Ingredients is everything! 

We use certified organic ingredients as much as possible, wild craft  and/or use trusted local organically grown within our area.

We live on a 10 acre organically kept farm that allows us to wild craft our own herbs, utilize sustainable native beneficial plants and grow many other kinds of herbs in a natural environment without chemicals or fertilizers.

Ingredients that cannot be grown here in Florida are then outsourced. As a small business, we support small businesses and look for sustainable farms that follow our practices and who will allow us to purchase directly from them.

Because everything that we make is used for our own personal day to day life, it is most important to us to use the highest and purest quality possible. In the end, we all benefit. 

Be assured that there is no cheating!  We will never buy in low quality bulk, we will never buy premade, we will never use fillers or bulking agents,  we will never repackage and we will never cheat. We do not believe in relabeling another companies product to be sold as our own. 

 Because we are not a large manufacturer and use only natural ingredients, keep in mind that sometimes the products could slightly be a different color for the next time that you order. For example, our bees bring in different plant pollen that allow them to make different shades of yellows and orange beeswax. Your first Vanilla Honey Lip Balm may be a pale yellow but then your second same kind of lip balm could be a brighter orangey color.  Our roses have different shades of red and pink ....many of our herbs and flowers will slightly change in coloring too.

We only use our own beeswax from our apiary. It takes many hours to work the beeswax to offer "Hive to Home" products but it is well worth it and you will see and feel the difference with real raw beeswax.  All commercial beeswax is processed with high heat, cleaned with chemicals and sometimes bleached. Even though they claim "natural" beeswax, I can assure you that it is not. In truth, "beeswax" is "natural" but its how they mass harvest it and on how its processed, that makes it very "unnatural". Creative advertising and labeling makes most products that contain a natural ingredient sound wonderful but they don't include on how its harvested, processed or preserved.

Whats that bit of stuff in the face cream or balm? Well, we make many of our own herbal oils in house, so sometimes you will find a piece of lavender flower, calendula petals or even a tiny bit of propolis in your Raw Honey Body Butter or other products. Our products are  about as real as it gets. We don't have massive vats or filtering systems to make everything uniform. Its all created by hand from start to finish in small batches and bottled up fresh for you and "our" family.

Using real ingredients in natural hand crafted products is truly a game changer!