Tincture - Chickweed

We wild harvest our organic chickweed onsite to then be used as a key ingredient in several of our healing products such as tea blends and salves.  We also utilize chickweed with making a beneficial tincture that is pure and potent.

Chickweed is a cooling herb that supports skin conditions, thyroid, digestion and the lymph system.  It has shown to be useful for system inflammation and is a very useful lung support herb.

Chickweed contains many plant compounds  that include phytosterols, tocopherols, triterpene saponins, flavonoids, and vitamin C. It is a delicate yet hardy plant that only grows for a short time during the late Fall season.  We harvest everything that we can, in order to stock up and for it to last for the entire year.

Supports - Thyroid, digestion, lungs, lymph system and is detoxifying. Has been shown to have anti tumor properties and supportive to the kidneys. Used for hormonal balance and menopause.

Contradictions -    Do not use if you are taking medications for low blood pressure. This herb has been shown to lower blood pressure and could interact with medications for low blood pressure. Always check your medications for compatibility when supplementing with herbs and alternative healing methods.

 It is recommended to use one full dropper full in an 8 oz beverage of choice once a day. See how your body reacts with self monitoring and you may increase to 2-3x  daily if needed. Always dilute our tinctures.

A tincture is a liquid concentrated extract that is made from herbs to be ingested as a supplement to utilize that herbs beneficial properties.  It is a quick and easy way to use herbs to assist with healing or as a preventative. Please see our article "What is a tincture" to understand more about them and the recommended dosages.

Tinctures have been proven to work faster, last longer and are stronger than most other forms of herbal supplements.

1 ounce glass  bottle with dropper included with a shelf life of 1 yr+

Please take care when using herbal remedies and products. We highly recommend reading our page regarding "Precautions and Contradictions" and additionally, "What is a Tincture?". 

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Customer Reviews

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Chickweed tincture

Use it for my thyroid and also for menopause symptoms! Really helps control hot flashes and mood swings! Very pleasant taste!

Cynthia Conklin