What Makes Us So Special?

There are so many options on line and in stores that offer all natural products. Many of these products are adulterated with preservatives and additives. Product labels need to be easily understood with the least amount of ingredients as possible. Our mission is to educate and be absolutely full disclosure.  Follow us on Facebook for real life experiences, seeing how we make our products and knowing that we are a real family with an honest product.

Our family is originally from Florida and we grew up knowing all the plants and animals around us. We live on an actual working farm that allows us to grow and use many useful plants for our benefits, sustainably.  We stand behind and use all of the products that are available to you.

You will come across many vendors and sellers that are seizing the opportunity to purchase in bulk and relabel under their new company name. You may even come across an individual that actually makes products at home in their apartment but they really don't have the resources or experience and usually cheat by adding flavoring, coloring or using base agents from a manufacturer. Don't be fooled and be sure to ask those people more specifically on how they make their soaps and lotions.  We absolutely encourage everyone to use all natural products even if they are not our own.

No one can replicate our ingredients that we raise and grow. Its the ingredients that really count that enable us to make a truly all natural product with natures blessing.

See the difference!

Feel the difference!

Make a difference!