Bar Soap - Activated Charcoal

A popular hand crafted soap with pure plant oils and activated charcoal. This bar has no essential oils or any type of fragrance. It  can be use for both the body and face and great for children.

Keeping your skin hydrated requires protecting the natural oils in the top most layer that help lock in moisture. Ditch harsh soaps containing irritating surfactants like sodium laurel sulfate that dry the skin.

Cleansers made with natural ingredients and plant-based oils are gentle and help hold in moisture, where  alcohol-based formulas can strip the skin of its natural oils. All of our bar soaps are made with the base of extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil and infused herbs. Additionally, some have essential oils and a sustainable mineral mica for a bit of color IF needed. 

Washing with activated charcoal can help to improve skin as it helps to remove toxins, bacterial and other skin irritants. It has been shown to improve acne and black heads as well as help to even out skin tone. This bar soap is perfect for the person who cannot tolerate any type of scents or doesn't want their soap to mix with another scent that they prefer.

We cure our soaps naturally over several weeks which produces a super hard bar that won't melt or get soft too quickly.

 Full sized bar soap (approx 4 oz weight ) that stays firm and lasts. 

Some products are seasonal, depending on the ingredients.

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Activated charcoal bar soap