Baby Gift Basket

Good things come in small packages and what better way to celebrate a new arrival than with this All Natural Baby Gift Basket!

This gift basket is loaded down with all the baby essentials that are useful for both mom and baby!

For infants in the first year of life, a good start begins with a healthy environment to encourage the best possible development and wellness foundation.  During the first years of life, a child develops neural connections at a rate of 1 million per second! Using non toxic products is crucial to encourage the best neurodevelopment possible.

This adorable gift basket includes : Honey baby salve, vanilla honey lip balm, oatmeal orange bar soap, calendula natural baby powder, chamomile tea in tin, stainless steel tea steeper and some fun decor!  The basket is a very stable heavy duty rectangle wood basket that works perfectly in the nursery to hold wipes, cloths or other needed items.

All products are either lightly scented naturally from the herbal ingredients used or unscented.  Many infants cannot tolerate preservatives, fragrances or added dyes.  You can be confident that all of our baby products are pure and natural. 

Everything in the basket can be used by both momma and baby with many of the products having multiple uses.

The lip balm can be used for baby on the lips, under a dry nose or emergency moisturizer on the go.

The oatmeal orange soap is an excellent cleanser for babies but it is not to be used on the face and risk it getting in the eyes. Its formulation works very well for cradle cap but rinse with using a hand towel to not allow it to get into the eyes. Using just plain water is all you really need to cleanse the face during the early stages and  then moisturize with the baby salve to protect the delicate skin.

The Salve is very useful as a skin protection in the diaper area, on the lips, under the nose or even as a breast and nipple cream.  This is a very concentrated moisturizer and only small amounts are needed to work as a barrier. This can be applied from head to toe for both mom and baby.

The baby powder is soothing and light weight with excellent absorbancy to help protect from wetness.  To be used as a diaper or pull up powder but can additionally be used as an after bath powder, under arms and as a dry hair shampoo.

The chamomile tea is organic and pure. Its to be used for both mom and baby when needing some relaxation. It is safe when breastfeeding and will sooth colic, stress and digestion.

Most store bought baby products cannot offer what authentic all natural products can do. Tried and true herbs and natural ingredients that have been used for infants and babies for centuries will always outperform the store bought name brands and in the end, be a better value.  The products in the basket can additionally be purchased separately on the website and offer a more in detail explanation and list of ingredients.

Enjoy the convenience of using tried and true products that help with day to day life and be confident with the natural gentle ingredients.

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All Natural Baby Gift Basket