Aromatherapy Healing Stone Bracelet - Copper

Copper is a wonderful warm precious metal that has been used over the years for its antibacterial properties.  Copper contains iron, zinc and other beneficial minerals that can be absorbed through the skin in small quantities when worn regularly.

Wearing copper bracelets has been considered to have therapeutic benefits on the human body.  A pure copper bracelet has for long been considered to have  properties that ease inflammation and pain.

Bracelets are made to size and with a 1 ml stretchy cord to allow flexibility and comfort. No clasps to fumble with or dangling string. The beads are 8mm , 100% pure American hand crafted raw copper that are shipped directly to us with minimal handling. 

The copper will be bright and shiny and when worn regularly, will slowly turn a beautiful natural patina. The chemical reaction between copper, oxygen and airborne sulfur creates a film of copper oxide and copper sulfide on the surface of the bracelet. As the film gets thicker, the color of the copper darkens slowly from orange-red to a warm brown, sometimes black and over time, with bluish-green hues. This all depends on how often you wear it, if its exposed to synthetic materials and your own skin chemistry. Copper can turn black from being exposed to synthetics, perfume, chlorine and if you have an acidic body chemistry.  Its a good indicator of what you are exposed to in regards to chemicals, toxins and poor diet.

If you prefer your bracelet to be shiny, use a soft jewelers de-tarnishing cloth to clean it. You can bring back the original coloring with soaking your copper in a quality ketchup. ( Yes! the condiment! ) Place your bracelet in a shallow bowl and completely coat it in real ketchup. Soak no more than 20 minutes with gently rubbing it. Rinse in warm water and thoroughly dry with a towel.

Note - Because this is an authentic copper metal, it will not remain shiny and will begin a patina process. This is completely normal for copper.

All bracelets are handmade in house with measuring 7,1/2 inches. Please send us a note with your order, should you need the size to be customized.  

Our stock is always changing with new additions and unique stones. See our Facebook page for recent posts on aromatherapy bracelets designs.

Customer Reviews

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Stunning bracelet

I love all my bracelets from Oakwood Natural Living. So, it's a big deal for me to say I have a favorite. The color of the stones and copper are mesmerizing. So beautiful. Always appreciate the quality, the care in packing, and the fast order processing.

Precious Metals

I especially love the benefits of wearing the copper bracelet… But, the look is unique & beautiful!

Cassie Ware
Love IT!

So glad I asked about a solid copper bracelet!! I had been lightly looking for a copper bracelet but had not dound anything that popped out. I seen an old post on ONL facebook page that was copper and olive wood. Which I ordered! Then I asked Christine about an all copper one. And guess what??!! As always she came through! Truly love it and wear it 24/7!

Copper Bracelet

I truly believe in the power of copper! This bracelet helps with my wrist and pains in my hands after playing golf or working out! It is well worth the $30.