Aromatherapy Healing Stone Bracelet - Honey bee

A fun aromatherapy bracelet that shows how we love our honey bees and the lovely honey that they make for us!

This aromatherapy and healing stone bracelet is hand strung and the design is one of a kind. Notice that this bracelet has 4 types of beads with olive wood, mookaite, honey yellow jade and cute ceramic accents with little bees!

Mookaite is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. Mookaite (also known as Mook Jasper) is named after the place where it is found, on the Mooka Station/Mooka Creek located near the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia. Mooka is an Aboriginal word meaning running water.
Mookaite is considered an anti-aging stone and we felt that it has a lovely synergy with honeyed colors and especially since honey is used to help fight aging.

Authentic lava stone beads are used on your aromatherapy bracelet to allow application of natural essential oils. The essential oils can be from your own collection or we offer custom bracelet misters that can be made in most any combination and applied towards your needs. Bracelet mists are sold separately.

Bracelets are made to size and with a 1 ml stretchy cord to allow flexibility and comfort. No clasps to fumble with or dangling string. We recommend the bracelet to fit "just snug" to allow you to take full advantage of the essential oils and for comfort.

Our stock is always changing with new additions and unique stones. See our Facebook page for recent posts on aromatherapy bracelets designs.