Aromatherapy Healing Stone Bracelet STABILIZE

We offer hand strung aromatherapy bracelets that offer authentic  semi precious healing stones.

This custom bracelet is made with magnetized hematite, pure American copper and howlite.

Hematite assists with addictions, over eating, stress and hysteria. It represents the blood, iron absorption and circulatory problems.

Copper can help combat lethargy, restlessness and is highly antibacterial. It is used to stabilize and balance the flow of blood within the body. Some say that it additionally helps with the treatment of arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism.

Howlite helps to balance the strong metal stones of this combination and additionally has its own benefits to stabilize the blend of stones.  Howlite is a calming stone and helps to balance the emotions. It helps to alleviate stress, anger and bad temper.

Dalmation Jasper with its dark spots, caused by tourmaline deposits, adds the energy of spiritual grounding and protection. This stone is an instant pick me up and stabilizes our mood.

Authentic lava stone beads are used as the base of your aromatherapy bracelet. These stones are porous and allow essential oils to be applied to your bracelet. The essential oils can be from your own collection or we offer custom bracelet misters that can be made in most any combination and geared towards your needs. Bracelet mists are sold separately.

Bracelets are made to size and with a 1 ml stretchy cord to allow flexibility and comfort. No clasps to fumble with or dangling string. We recommend the bracelet to fit "just snug" to allow you to take full advantage of the essential oils and for comfort.

Our stock is always changing with new additions and unique stones. See our Facebook page for recent posts on aromatherapy bracelets designs.

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Sue Kerrell

Love the bracelet! I actually put some of the camp bug oil on it and mosquitoes won’t come anywhere near it! And smells great. It was granddaughter approved soo I am definitely going to need a couple more😊