Aromatherapy Healing Stone Bracelet TOLERANCE

We offer hand strung aromatherapy bracelets with authentic  semi precious healing stones.

This custom bracelet is made with two types of aquamarine, tigers eye and American copper.

Aquamarine is beneficial for pollutants, stress and fear. For the body, it is used for sore throats, hormones, the immune system and autoimmune disease. Aquamarines color comes from minute traces of iron. It was said to protect sailors at sea and to guard against drowning. With an affinity to sensitive people, it invokes tolerance and supports anyone overwhelmed by responsibility.

Tigers eye is a protective stone that is used for perception, internal conflicts, emotional balance, fatigue and depression. Tigers eye has been used spiritually, for mental disease, personality disorders and blocked creativity. A stone that supports integrity and assists in accomplishing goals.

Copper dates back centuries for its healing properties, improving circulation of the blood, increasing energy and detoxification of the body. This mineral is used to increase energy and mental agility to assist with having more tolerance.

This bracelet is made with two types of aquamarine for double protection, tigers eye to streamline emotion and the copper balances with a synergy for all the stones/mineral to work hard together.

Authentic black lava stone beads on the bracelet are from Colorado and are porous which allow essential oils to be applied to your bracelet. The essential oils can be from your own collection or we offer custom bracelet misters that can be made in most any combination and geared towards your needs. Bracelet mists are sold separately.

Bracelets are made to measure  7, 1/2 inches around which seems to be the most popular size and with a 1 ml stretchy cord to allow flexibility and comfort. Please leave us a message in the notes section of your purchase, should you require a different size. We will customize the size for you.

No clasps to fumble with or dangling string. We recommend the bracelet to fit "just snug" to allow you to take full advantage of the essential oils and for comfort.

Our stock is always changing with new additions and unique stones. See our Facebook page for recent posts on aromatherapy bracelets designs.

Customer Reviews

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Deirdre Piccoli
Healing Stone bracelet

This bracelet is so pretty and brings me an instant feeling of calmness when I wear it,


I love by Bracelet I put it on daily I recommend it very much love it


Love any of these bracelets! As I said before they look great and you get to pick your scent ❤️