Aromatherapy Healing Stone Rollerball

Taking our aromatherapy rollerballs to a whole new level of healing with adding healing stones to infuse with special essential oil blends to enhance your wellness program.

Essential oils are used for aromatherapy by application and inhalation and can really make a difference with those struggling with everyday stress, depression or just looking for a lil pick me up.

It is well known on how semi precious stones can really make a difference in our lives.  We are using authentic stones such a golden sheen obsidian, K2 granite and strawberry quartz to be synergized with essential oils. These two powerful natural healers are then bottled in a convenient rollerball to have on hand and be able to carry with you.

Golden Sheen Obsidian - A real powerhouse as a protection stone. It is used to rid negativity, unblocks, balances energy and healing.  A spiritual stone for meditation and is considered the "Wizard Stone" with magical powers.  This stone is from Mexico.

Strawberry Quartz -  Helps to increase self esteem, aids in self nurturing, relaxing, calming, soothing and is excellent for travel woes.

Guava Quartz - This stone brings joy, it is a feel good crystal, uplifting and brings happiness. The pretty pinks gives self worth and clears blockages, gives patience and calm. A lovely healing stone for serenity and joy.

K2 Granite - A unique stone that is difficult to acquire as it only comes from a specific mountain in Pakistan. The resources  are very limited and so this stone will not always be available. This stone supports  spiritual awakening, to channel and free up clutter and distraction. Promotes healing and to clear cloudiness.

Madagascar Celestite - A pale blue stone that is thought to increase understanding and mindfulness. Noted to help sooth muscle tension and pairs extremely well with menthol essential oils such as eucalyptus and rosemary for clarity. 

Rose Quartz -  The stone for love and represents the heart and helps with emotional healing.

Amethyst - Used to reduce negative energy, balance the emotions, help with decision making and helps to calm and clear the mind.

Balance & Protection - Made with the golden sheen obsidian and blended with frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh.  This is our own blend that is grounding that helps you to center and focus. 

Soothe & Nurture - Made with strawberry quartz and blended with lavender, mint and vanilla.  This is our own blend that is calming, cooling and gives comfort. A fantastic blend for those in need for control of erratic emotions, are  jittery and anxiety.

Clarity & Lift - Made with K2 granite, Madagascar Celestite and blended with eucalyptus, lemongrass, spearmint and rosemary. This is our own blend to be used for a boost of energy, lifting of spirits, clear the mind and to stimulate a clear thought process.  A very happy blend!

Serenity & Joy - Made with Red Guava Quartz, organic rose petals suspended in a pure sensual natural rose oil.

Peace & Serenity - Made with Blue Calcite and blended with pure high grade palo santo and lavender essential oil. This in house rollerball was created specifically for our Meditation Kits. The palo santo is sustainably sourced and with certification of purity.

Hibiscus Rose- This roller ball is specially made with an organic sunflower base, hibiscus flower, geranium, rose petal and infused with rose quartz semi precious stones inside the roller ball. This pretty roller is offered with a pink frosted glass, pink metalic top and stainless steel for the roller.  A gorgeous blend that works to bring love, romance, a peaceful mind and is the ultimate feminine floral scent.

 Each roller ball is in a coconut oil base unless otherwise noted,  that helps to encapsule the essential oils when applied to the skin and maximize the natural aromatherapy scent.  Use the rollerball as needed at key points such as the wrist, inside elbow, back of hands, behind ears, behind knees and bottom of (clean) feet.

These are absolutely gorgeous to look at,  as well as incorporate in to your daily routine. They can be easily displayed out in the open to then remind you to use throughout the day either at home, work or while traveling.

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Lovely scent

Nature and Soothe, a wonderful light scent. Not overwhelming. Perfect substitute for perfumes.