Aromatherapy Rollerball - Anxiety

Soothe yourself with curative oil’s extracted from plants that have been used for centuries to maintain good health and well-being. 

Reach for it, dab a bit on your wrists, inner elbow and behind your ears and immediately feel its therapeutic benefits!  All natural ingredients in a bottle that will soon raise an eyebrow from your coworkers who will most likely ask for some too. Its not so strong that it will over power the next person but its blended just right to give you a boost of aromatherapy within your personal space.

This particular roller ball is made with a special blend of lavender, cedarwood and valerian root in a grapeseed oil base.  These 3 herbs, when combined, is very useful for anxiety. Keep it on hand for stressful situations and use as needed.

Apply your  aromatherapy roller-ball on the bottoms of your feet before bedtime and gently massage it in. Put on a thin pair of lightweight socks to lock in its aromatherapy benefits. It can be used anywhere on the body, safe in small "dabs" on children and elderly. Apply a few dabs to the bottom of their feet and massage in. For children over the age of 5yrs, you can apply a little more to the tops of their hands and rub it in. 

Lavender is used for depression, anxiety, sleep aid, moodiness and to help relax the body. 

Cedarwood is a natural light sedative.

Valerian works with the nervous system to calm anxiety.

This product has a one year shelf life and to prolong its benefits, keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

10ml glass rollerball 

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