Aromatherapy Rollerball (MP) Menopause

Soothe yourself with curative oil’s extracted from plants that have been used for centuries to maintain good health and well-being. 

The female hormonal system is very sensitive to stress. By utilizing aromatherapy that supports the female system, you may find the needed relief to help you through you everyday living.

Clary Sage stimulates the pituitary gland, which regulates ovulatory and sex hormone function. Clary sage is also a uterine tonic that pairs well with geranium.

Geranium has an overall balancing effect on female hormones.

One component of clary sage oil is sclareol, which mimics the effects of estrogen in the body. For this reason, clary sage may be effective at reducing some of the symptoms of menopause. Some research suggests that diluted clary sage oil applied to the bottoms of the feet can reduce hot flashes.

Reach for it, dab a bit on your wrists, inner elbow and behind your ears and immediately feel its therapeutic benefits!  

This light moisturizing blend can be enjoyed after bath, before bedtime, while traveling or anytime that you need something to help enhance your mood. It is a concentrated essential  oil blend with a grapeseed base. 

Apply your  aromatherapy rollerball on the bottoms of your feet before bedtime and gently massage it in. Put on a thin pair of lightweight socks to lock in its aromatherapy benefits. 

 This product has a one year shelf life and to prolong its benefits, keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

10ml glass rollerball 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heidi Gouge
A gift for my sister-in-law

My sister-in-law swears by this therapy and was very happy to receive this for Christmas as her last rollerball was cleaned out

Great for perimenopause

I contacted Christine about my perimenopause hot flashes. She recommended this product and it worked wonders!

Mary Jo Beck
Heavenly products

So I ordered three items from this wonderful company. All have been amazing, and consider them my essentials. Menopausal roller.. love.. Elderberry Syrup.. love more.. and my sinus inhaler.. my saving grace! These products rock. I bought my close friend an inhaler as well.. peppermint to be exact, well headaches disappear with this, due to sinus block, hope they enjoy it as much as I do!😊

Jane G Reese
Puts the pause in my meno

Seriously helps me in my natural journey through peri-menopause/headed into menopause!