Mango Hemp Solid Lotion Bar

Lotion bars are easy to use, won't spill and with no waste!

Warm the bar in your hands to lightly soften and then run the bar over your skin directly or rub it between your hands to then apply with your hands.  

This bar is made with raw beeswax, organic hemp seed, organic mango butter, organic jojoba and warm spices.  We have made a winter like blend that includes all- spice, tangerine and a hint of cedarwood for a beautiful warming aroma.

This decadent bar offers a ton of natural antioxidants, minerals and healthy fats that your skin will soak up and utilize for excellent cell turn over. 

Lotion bars are a hard bar because of the extra beeswax that is incorporated into the plant oils. It will not apply like traditional lotion because of the concentration and this is why its one of the best products for intense dry cracked skin. Its a long lasting and beautiful moisturizing skin barrier that is perfect for hands, elbows and feet.

The beeswax will lock in the moisture and help to fill any rough cracks that can sometimes be found on the elbows or knees.

Hemp is well known to help decrease inflammation and irritations of the skin while promoting new healthy skin cells.

Store in a cool dry place and this bar offers a full one year shelf life. 
Although we use food grade ingredients,  please keep this bar out of reach from small children and pets.

Lotion bar comes with a 2 oz tin with a screw top.

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