Bar Soap - Red Mineral Facial Bar

One of our newest bar soaps that is dedicated for the face and works well with the mature skin group but is most welcome for anyone who is interested in softer smoother skin!

This is a full 5 oz mineral rich bar soap that works very well with aging skin to help improve elasticity, to soften the skin and improve skin tone.  The natural active minerals such as iron oxide and copper,  are detoxifying, antioxidant and promote skin health without overly drying your skin.

The key ingredient for this bar is an exotic rich mineral red clay that has been sustainably sourced from the Amazon. Amazonian Red Clay is found in some of the most remote areas of the Amazon Rain forest, where for centuries the local people have enjoyed its extraordinary healing benefits.  We use the most beneficial plant oils such as shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil to create our solid bar soaps with.  Completely plant based and hard cured to ensure a long lasting solid bar soap, all the way to the end.

All of our bar soaps are made with the base of extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil and infused herbs. Additionally, some have essential oils and a sustainable mineral mica for a bit of color IF needed. This bar in particular does not have any essential oils nor mica.

This bar soap can be  your dedicated facial bar or you may use it as a body bar in the shower.  You may cut the large bar in half to make it more manageable to keep next to the sink and save the other half for later or share with a friend. OR leave it as a large bar and use it for both face and body in the shower. 

This facial bar was created to support softer smoother skin with only the best natural ingredients without fragrance, without additives and without coloring. The bar is unscented and naturally smells earthy  and clean. It will have a very fine particle grain to where it is almost unnoticeable. We recommend using a dark colored wash cloth or a natural fiber loofah sponge when rubbing the soap directly.  

This bar foams up very nicely and is extremely lightweight on the skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Tyner
Echinacea Tincture

Absolutely a must have product

Catherine Griebel
Red Mineral Facial Bar

Received this as a sample. Used it up and bought the regular size bar. Love this soap. It makes my face feel so soft and I have very sensitive skin. I love it!

Deirdre Piccoli
Red Mineral Facial Bar

Love the fact that its totally organic and it doesn't have a perfumery smell, very light

Sally Raulerson
This soap is amazing!!

I love this soap!! I cut the bar in half as I do with all of the bar soap, it keeps the entire bar from getting wet daily and it lasts longer.