Bath & Body Oil

Using a Bath & Body Oil is an excellent way to enhance your bath water with naturally infused botanicals with healthy skin loving plant oils.  These naturally scented oils are to be added to the bath water to give you a spa like bath experience and offer therapeutic properties, treat and soften the skin.

Traditionally, many feel that soap is required to clean your skin but in fact, you can use the Bath & Body oil to cleanse with.  This product offers many uses, including oil cleansing.  Cleansing with plant oils is very effective and can deep cleanse and balance your skins natural oil production.  Oils dissolve impurities, dirt and compacted pores. 

Add 2- 3 full dropper fulls of the Bath & Body oil as you are drawing a warm bath. It is best to use it on its own and to not blend it with other products. Swirl the oil and water as needed with your hands to blend.  Use a soft wash cloth or loofah to dip in the bath water and cleanse your skin.  When you finish your bath, dry your skin gently with a soft bath towel, leaving a thin layer of oil on the skin. Its best to not completely remove the hydrating plant oils.

If oil cleansing is not your thing, you can absolutely use one of our all natural bar soaps to cleanse with or combine with one of our Salt Bath Soaks.  Warm water bath soaks increases the rate of penetration and it is best to only use all natural products without preservatives and coloring.  Absorbing natural therapeutic  plant oils through the skin, transmits messages to the limbic system—a brain region responsible for controlling emotions and influencing the nervous system. 

Botanicals such as rose, patchouli, lavender and lemongrass all offer their own specialties.

Rose - Anxiety, Stress, PMS, Antibacterial and Anti-fungal.

Patchouli - Depression, Stress, Balancing, Deodorizing, Cleansing & Healing

The Bath & Body oil can be used both in your bath water or directly on the skin from the bottle. Keep in mind that this is formulated for when the pores are open and absorbent after bathing. Take care to use small amounts when moisturizing the skin as this is a concentrated oil.   A few drops will go a long distance!

Use for foot soaks, manicures, pedicures and cleansing.

4 oz glass bottle with dropper
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Lavender oil

It has a clean lavender scent and absorbs very well. Its very calming to use before bed. My 7yr old loves it on his feet and legs before bed.

I love it!

I use it like a cream or lotion. It is great it makes my legs feel like silk. Even though it is an oil it is not oily. My skin just absorbs it and you don’t need to use much. ✅👍😊❤️

Sally Raulerson

This product is amazing!!