Bath Salt Soaks

We offer several unique Bath Salt Soaks that can be used to relax or for their healing properties.

Never underestimate a good soak as they allow natural ingredients to penetrate and can assist with all kinds of ailments such as sore muscles, tendons and bruises.  For the skin, they can help with redness, burns, itch, hives and blemishes.  Mentally, they are soothing and can literally soak away your stress and worries.

We use the highest quality and natural ingredients to ensure that you are soaking in a healthy  bath and do not use any fragrance, additives, coloring or synthetics.

Each bath soak is unique and have specific ingredients for your needs.

Ingredients - Epsom salts, dead sea salt, Himalayan salt, minerals, baking soda, kaolin, bentonite, calcium, whole herbs, powdered herbs, essential oils and activated charcoal.

Add the entire pouch to a full warm bath and allow the salts to dissolve and soak 20 minutes.  For the full experience, we recommend not to use other products such as store bought shampoo or  soap during your soak. Instead, after soaking, rinse off in the shower and shampoo as normal.  Our all natural bar soap and cleansing products are acceptable but to use at the end of your soak.

Detox Bath Soak - Used to draw out environmental toxins. Please do not use any other products during this healing soak as there are ingredients with drawing properties that could counter act. Ingredients - Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, baking soda, kaolin, bentonite, calcium and activated charcoal.

Muscle Salt Soak - Used for post work outs, strains, lower back ache and mild to moderate muscle ache. An excellent soak for all around relaxation after a strenuous activity.  Ingredients - 3 kinds of infused healing salts with herbs such as eucalyptus, camphor, arnica, black pepper and ginger root.

Skin Soothing Salt Soak - Used for skin issues such as redness, itch, hives, sunburn, acne, skin ulcers or just for all around good soothing skin health.  Ingredients - 3 kinds of infused healing salts, whole milk, powdered steel cut oats, calendula and chickweed.

Stress Salt Soak - This is a lovely soak with aromatic lavender and frankincense that are both healing to the body and the mind.  Ingredients - 3 kinds of infused healing salts, powdered lavender buds, powdered raw resin of frankincense.

Lavender Oatmeal Salt Soak - The main ingredient is our fresh ground oatmeal that is infused with powdered lavender buds. 3 kinds of infused healing salts are additionally  blended in for extra benefits.  Oatmeal is super soothing the the skin and can additionally work for itch, irritation and redness.

 All soaks arrive in a clear zip resealable pouch and is approximately 4 oz weight/5oz volume.  Use the entire pouch for a full bath or divide in half for foot/hand soak in a shallow pan of water or sink. Use within 3 months for maximum benefits but can still be used several months later.


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Customer Reviews

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Cassie Ware

Just what I needed!!!

So freshing!

Just had my monthly detoxing soak. Absolutely love it!

Muscle Soak

Not a bath person but was a very soothing bath, that alleviated a sore fatigued body.


Its hard to pick a favorite from alllll the amazing bath soaks Christine makes. Ever since covid outbreak, I try to take atleast one detox bath a week, and up the frequency if i am coming down with any sickness, cold, allergies, headaches, etc.

My second fave is the muscle soak. Wowwwzers. The stress soak is also amazing.

To be honest they are all the

And at $4ea, such a deal for homemade products that don't contain chemicals or dyes. Highly recommend.

Love love love

The bath salts are the detox one. Been using it monthly. Me time!!!
Give it a try!