Beard Balm "Chocolate Mint"

We have been making beard balms for several years with a tried and true tested recipes that have been used by the men in our family and with friends. We are now pleased to offer our beard balms to the public with additional mens care products.

This particular balm was one of our first beard balms created and it is made with our own handcrafted in house comfrey oil, a raw unrefined organic cocoa butter, our own raw yellow beeswax, extra virgin olive oil and a hint of peppermint. When you melt this balm in your hands, be sure to take a big whiff! It will send your senses spinning and is sure to get an "mmm" from someone close.

Our beard balms offer a medium hold to help you mold your beard and keep strays from escaping. Yellow and especially raw beeswax is the number one choice to help tighten and strengthen beard hairs. Our beeswax comes directly from our own hives to your house!  Use the balm to lock in proper nourishment and prevent breakage that is most common with longer beards.  A good quality beard balm will tame the frizzy, scratchy and rough feeling.  Honestly, you may be proud to be able to grow a beard but if its out of control and harsh, others will not appreciate it as much.  After all, healthy beard, healthy man!

The cocoa butter is the dominant ingredient which promotes beard hair growth, increases shine, antioxidants, moisturizing to both skin and beard hair, helps repair split ends, could prevent premature graying, anti-aging, and is a fine natural emollient.

Our extra special ingredient is our comfrey oil. Because we are familiar with this plant, we know its topical benefits for the beard and its our little secret. The comfrey plant contains a natural substance called allantoin and rosmarinic acid. Allantoin boosts the growth of new skin cells, while rosmarinic acid helps relieve pain and inflammation. This in turns, keeps acne, eczema, rashes and skin ulcers under control and can prevent all together.

Use any excess balm to condition brows, work into cuticles or moisturize elbows.

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Natural & Smell so good!!

My husband just started growing a beard & we both did not know the correct way to take care of it. I have purchased many products from this company & I loved every item, so when scrolling through the products, I came across this beard balm & wanted to give it a try. It came in the mail today & I couldn't wait to rub it on his beard. Make sure to rub it in your hands to melt all the wonderful oils that are in the balm before applying. The smell is amazing...not overwhelming....just the right amount of fragrance. Looking forward to seeing the health benefits for my husband's beard, but it's also nice for us wives too!!


This is a fun alternative to my misters normal beard balm...yummy!!

Allison Gaines
Tame your beard

Great to keep beard and face hydrated, healthy, and well maintained. Smells great, as described!