Beard Butter "Vanilla Mint"

Beard butter is a must have for all stages of beards from short to long and is an important step in self care in the evening.

Beard butter is used at the end of the day to condition and give your skin and beard time to regenerate, heal and have a breather.  Grow your best beard with using simple all natural plant based ingredients that give you a reason to look forward to the application of a superior grooming product.

This is created with organic unrefined raw shea butter, organic jojoba, vanilla and peppermint. We have taken the butter to the next level by whipping it by hand to offer a luxurious lightweight butter with cooling mint and a rich tone of vanilla. The scent is absolutely gorgeous and you will be impressed with its healing properties. It will help prevent breakage, stimulate beard growth, rejuvenate hair follicles  and make it more comfortable at night with a soft beard.

We recommend beard butter to be used in the evening if you are already using a beard balm during the day. The butter is  formulated to be lightweight and is used more for healing and relaxation but you can absolutely use it as your daytime product if it works better for you. Not everyone likes the thicker balms and prefer a butter for daytime with a mild styling hold.

Shea butter is very gentle and offers essential fatty acids, encourages collagen production, reduces inflammation and includes Vitamins A, E & F. It helps to heal eczema and prevents flaky skin. This will be your most valuable product to encourage healthy beard growth.

Depending on the length of your beard, on average, you will only need a marble sized amount. Warm the butter between your hands and rub your palms together in order to apply it evenly and manage the product through your beard. Butter is needed for short beards in the evening to encourage growth and for comfort until your beard is more full. Butter is needed for longer beards to maintain its health and encourage softness throughout.

When applying the butter is complete, please apply any excess to your elbows to complete your self care routine.

Be confident with our all natural products that not only work but will never ever contain any synthetics, soy, petroleum, SLS, no paraffin, no fragrance or unnatural additives. 

The butter has a full one year shelf life when kept away from heat and the lid on tight when not in use. All of our products are hypoallergenic.

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Allison Gaines

Love this scent and that it is really a multi use product if I need to steal some from my husband lol! Gentle and moisturizing