Beard & Skin Spray "Daytime Defunk"

Our Beard & Skin Spray is for all men! Clean shaven, stubble, short, new or long beards!

This is a unique and much needed mens product that is to be used throughout the day and especially if your sporting a full beard. It is a convenient way to refresh, deodorize, spot clean and keep your face feeling fresh!

Made with 100% pure aloe vera juice as its base with bergamot, lime, pine, cardamom and rum.  These ingredients are in their purest form, vegan and gluten free.  It is a very attractive light clean scent that offers nutrients, healing properties, lightly moisturizes and gently tones.

Aloe vera treats skin conditions and is highly anti-inflammatory. We use this as the base for this spray, instead of water based, as it works for itch, irritations, redness and is antibacterial.

Bergamot is a type of citrus that is amazing for the skin and beard because of its antiseptic properties. It's gentle but also very powerful to help prevent and treat acne and keep your skin clear and smooth under that beard or for clean shaven.

Lime is an antioxidant, packed with vitamin C and a good source of natural magnesium. Magnesium plays an important part in follicle hair growth and especially when its from a natural source. Both bergamot and lime contain magnesium.

Pine offers a synergy with citrus, such as lime and contains high levels of Vitamin A that can improve both hair and skin. Citrus and pine together is clarifying, uplifting and invigorating.

You don't see many products using cardamom and it not only smells amazing but is a very useful little spice.  It has been shown to help improve breathing and oxygen use with its compounds helping to increase airflow. Its certainly invigorating and what better place to apply this fragrant seed is right there where we breath! Cardamom promotes healthy skin, protects from UV damage and works well with shrinking pores. An excellent disinfectant and cleanser!

There really is no special way to use this spray. It's for all the men, any time and with as little or as much as you like. We have enough to think about during the day and don't need to be stressing about it we are using facial products correctly or not. Apply spray, gently rub in and air dry.

Uses -

For clean shaven skin to help ingrown hairs, tone and keep healthy.  Apply during the day to give yourself a lift and especially during hot summer months.  Spot clean that beard after a meal. No one wants to smell or see your lunch! Men become nose blind and don't realize that their big lovely beard is sporting a stank! Treat that beard during the day to prevent pollen, dirt and dust build up.  Neutralize salt and sweat for both clean shaven and bearded faces.  Use after being in public or close spaces to "defunk" any airborne and environmental toxins. 

This is a really good spray to help you get over the hump from short and scratchy to long and lush.

We are firm believers with offering products with dual purpose to not only keep spending down but to help simplify your products. The Beard & Skin Spray can absolutely be used anywhere and is a great body spray after a work out and quick water-less hand cleanser. 

Take care - Best place to keep this bottle is in a climate controlled area but if you plan on using this daily and multiple times during the day, it can be kept in the glove box. Do not leave out in direct sunlight or exposed to very high heat. It can handle a warm vehicle for short term but it will last much longer if kept at 75 degrees or average room temperature. 

This is a vegan, gluten free and mostly organic product without fillers or any chemicals.

This will be packaged in an American glass 4 oz bottle with mister. 


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