Beeswax Wax Melts

All natural raw beeswax wax melts are a great alternative to fragranced candles and room air fresheners if your looking for a chemical free scent. Wax melts last much longer and can be used repeatedly with several hours of use.  

These are made with fresh harvested raw beeswax, botanicals, raw ingredients,  essential oils and a touch of organic coconut oil.  They are NOT made with soy, paraffin, dyes, added fragrance or processed hobby wax.  A luxurious room scent CAN be achieved without chemicals! Be rest assured that the beeswax used is from our own hives on our farm and we never use imported or hobby beeswax in any of our products.  Natural "local" beeswax is non toxic, allergen free, eases allergies and could improve breathing. Its a safer choice around pets, small children and individuals with medical issues.

Using fresh harvested all natural raw beeswax offers incredible benefits for the air in your home. "Raw" Beeswax has been shown to naturally cleanse the air of toxins and allergens through an amazing process with using negative ions. Beeswax releases negative ions and most particles in the air have a positive charge which then are attracted to each other and become to heavy to remain in the air and be inhaled.  When the particles are heavy, they will fall to the floor and surfaces for then normal cleaning practices can pick up and  be disposed of.  It is believed that negative ions result in increased serotonin levels that reduce depression and stress. 

Our wax melts are handcrafted in small batches with dried organic herbs infused into the golden honeyed wax that give off a warm beneficial botanical scent that will fill your room with goodness!

Please use an appropriate "wax melter" and be sure to judge the size of the actual melt to the dish size of the melter. If you have a small wax melter, you may need to slice the wax melt in half with a knife, in order to prevent spillage.   Once you have considered the size of the wax melt and dish, then your ready to light a candle underneath or turn it on if it is an electric warmer. Do not add any oils or other liquids to your wax melt and especially when it becomes liquefied. The wax will take a few minutes to warm and then turn to a liquid to then give off its lovely natural scent. (We believe strongly in "gentle" aromas and to not overwhelm the air or cause distress to others.) The wax melt will then re-solidify when your are finished and turn off the wax melter to then be used over and over! Please take great care and never leave warmed or burning wax unattended and to keep it out of reach from pets and children.

Changing wax melts - When the wax has been completely cooled and is in solid form, turn on your wax melter for just a few minutes, to warm the bottom. Then carefully slide the entire solid piece out of the dish to then be used at another time.  This is done when you would like to use a different wax melt but still using the original one. Store the gently used wax melt in an airtight container.

These come in convenient clamshell container that allow you to break off a small block to be used.

Lavender Sage Gift Kit - Includes a reusable thick woven grass basket, a large decorative purple wax melter, full size lavender sage wax melts, beeswax tea light and lovingly wrapped up and ready for gifting. Available 2/1/24

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Customer Reviews

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Deirdre Piccoli
Natural and clean candles

Lighting these beeswax candles in my home brings me peace knowing they are pure and clean free from any chemicals and artificial scents and colors

Brenda Fraser

These wax melts are my favorite so far. They are pretty as well as smell divine. Now if I can just find a warmer that actually gets warm enough to melt the entire cube!


This is my absolute favorite wax melt of all time!! I have always love the smell of sandalwood but I can’t tolerate incense. When I smelled this product I fell in love and I use it in my house all the time

Cassie Ware
Vanilla Coffee

Smells awesome and so much better than the chemical ridden ones you buy in the stores. NON TOXIC. SAFE!!

Beeswax melts

These small little squares pack a huge aroma. Melting clean and natural aromas throughout. No bad chemicals here!