Botanical Dog Balm

Botanical Dog Balm is a product that we created for our own animals here on the farm. It is used on our dogs and our horses and we always have a tin of this on hand in the barn or up at the house. 

This balm has many uses! We will use  it for cuts, scrapes, bruises, rash, redness, itch, cracked skin, chafing, to moisturize and as a protectant.  It can assist with skin issues such as dermatitis, flea allergy and other skin allergies. Apply to dog paws to protect from the elements and prevent drying out and cracking. Use on the tips of the ears for both dogs and horses for fly bites or midge reactions.  Can soothe sunburned skin that is cracked and oozing. Could help with yeast infection between the dogs toes. Apply to horse hooves from heal to toe to lock in moisture and prevent cracks. Apply a layer along your horses underbelly to soothe  insect bites. Apply this balm under the horses eyes to prevent tear stains.

It can be applied just about anywhere on the body for both horses, dogs and puppy's.

Made with organic olive oil, pure raw beeswax, propolis, raw honey, vitamin E, lavender oil, tea tree essential oil and myrrh resin. 

The Botanical Dog Balm includes anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal healing properties. It is completely safe if it is licked and is hypoallergenic. It's practically an all in one balm that moisturizes, protects and heals with easy one step. Completely safe for humans to use and contains all food grade ingredients.

Dogs with grass allergies can benefit by applying this to their bellies and areas that are not protected by their hair such as inner thigh. Apply a thin layer before letting them outside. It additionally helps if you use a non hypoallergenic pet wipe to cleanse them when they come back inside the house. Some pet allergies are caused by carpets, new rugs, carpet fresheners and even dryer sheets when used on pet bedding. Wash your pets linens in a gentle soap and add white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle to help remove any allergic toxins.

This is a very hard balm that comes in a 2 oz tin with a shelf life of one year. Please keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat, to preserve its healing botanicals.

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy D

This really helped my dogs paw that was raw and irritating her. Thank you so much.

Emily Moreland
Pawsitively Great!

I have used this with my Bentley for years, it takes the roughness off his paw pads. It is also great for any scrapes he might

Botanical dog balm is da-bomb!

It has soothed Maui's itching rash from external allergies. He and we love it!


Botanical Dog Balm

Lucie Loves It!

This balm has been part of our healing routine for some surgical wounds our dog has been healing from. I believe it has not only helped with better healing of the wound, but it helped relieve her itching as well. Bonus: it makes my skin soft when I put it on her!