Botanical Dog Flea Spray

This is an all natural spray to be used to help repel fleas, ticks and other biting insects. It can be used as a premise spray, on people and directly on dogs.

PLEASE read the complete description and directions. It is important for us to be very clear on how to use this spray. Just because something is all natural, doesn't mean it cannot be harmful. We are very confident with the safety of this spray but it is important to ensure that it will be used responsibly.

This blend has been tried and true for many years in our household and has been proven to be safe when used as directed.  Even though this is a new product on our website, this spray was formulated back in 2015 and has several years of success backing it.   We have some clients that have been using this product for years because they don't want to use flea pills or concentrated topicals. Many people are making the change to all natural for their fur babies to avoid chemical exposure to their pets, home and family.

Each bottle is carefully blended with a water base, plant glycerine, tea tree oil, lavender, lemongrass and cedarwood. The essential oils are calculated specifically to meet guidelines when using essential oils on pets.

As a premise spray, use as needed on entry rugs, thresholds, baseboards, kennels and other areas that fleas are detected. Its a very good product to mist the car mats with after a trip to the dog park.

On humans, use to spray shoes and pant legs when entering a public dog park or areas that could have fleas hitch a ride on your clothing. The spray can be used directly on your skin.  If you visit areas such as barns that have animals such as barn cats, its a good spray to use to help prevent bringing fleas home.

When using this spray for your dog, it is to be applied to the "coat". Adjust the bottle for a fine mist and apply starting behind the collar, down the back to base of tail. Then mist the legs with downward motion. Take care to not point the sprayer towards the head and keep away from eyes and nose.  Use your hands to wipe the spray completely over the hair coat.  Spray your hands to then wipe dogs ears, under jaw and chest.  Remember that "less is best" and use minimal amount and do NOT soak or drench the coat and skin.  Every dog is different in size, sensitivity, age and breed. For any new product, not matter if it is natural or chemical, always test for sensitivity.  Apply a small amount in your hand and apply to inside hind leg in a small area on the skin and wait 12 hours to be sure that your pup does not have an allergic reaction.

Safe for large breed pups at 8 weeks and for small breed pups at 12 weeks.

Shake bottle to blend the ingredients with each application. Apply once a day only when needed.  Some dogs do very well with only one application every few days.

Do not use this spray in combination with other flea sprays as that could cause a reaction from over exposure.  It is safe for the dog to lick but if he/she is excessive, then you may need to intervene.

Do not use this spray on cats but it can be used in the house with cats. As a precaution, remove cats and small animals from the area to be treated until spray is dry on surfaces and no longer strong to smell.

It contains NO DEET, pyrethrins, fragrance, alcohol or synthetic pesticides.  Keep bottle out of direct sunlight, away from heat and out of reach from children and pets. This blend is safe for lakes, oceans and around children. Dogs absolutely love crunchy plastic bottles and we do not want your fur baby running around with this bottle in his mouth. Young children will help themselves to smell good stuff and will not hesitate to spray themselves until they have used up the entire bottle with not understanding over use.  This is a non staining blend and is safe for most surfaces.

We recommend using our Dog Shampoo Bar in conjunction with this spray to keep your fur baby flea and tick free.

Comes in a 16 fl oz adjustable spray bottle.

The Botanical Dog Flea Spray offers a pleasant natural scent, does not attract dirt and is not oily.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keeps the mosquitos at bay

I live on a river in the woods with tons of biting insects. I have a 25lb and 3lb dog it works great for them both on our evening walks or hiking. It keeps the fleas from jumping on them at dog parks too. I put it on a cloth or my hands and rub all over, especially legs, belly and outside of ears.

Tiffany and Aaron Cutter
Much better than anything I have used before!

We have been using this lightly on the dogs coat before they go out to roll around in the grass and it works really well to prevent the fleas from getting on them. We have seen a big difference. It smells so good and is a very generous size. When she sees the bottle she immediately come over with her tail wagging.