Bumblebee Jasper Collection - Bracelet - Stones - Carved

This season we have been given the opportunity to acquire a limited quantity of Bumblebee Jasper!

Bumblebee  jasper is actually a complex travertine with calcite, calcium, pyrite,  sulfur, volcanic ash and a combination of volcanic minerals.  The sulfer and heat from the volcano is what gives the stone it’s brilliant oranges and yellows.

It is absolutely stunning with a multitude of yellows, oranges, bright lines of neons, volcanic black and gray.

This Stone is only available and mined in Indonesia from inside an active volcano and was only recently discovered in the 1990s on the island of Java. The deposit that contains authentic, bumblebee jasper is limited and difficult to extract and is easily replicated, and it’s important to only purchase from a reputable certified gem dealer. 
It is unknown about how much of this stone is available or if it exists anywhere else in the world at this moment.
it is important to take great care of the stone and to not wash it with water, but only polish with a soft cloth, do not expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time. 
All of these stones have been Professionally polished with the natural volcanic minerals encapsulated inside. 
IMPORTANT -  If the stone is needing to be charged and cleansed, place the stone outside in the moonlight for just a few hours. Do not sun charge this stone, do not expose to heat. IF this stone is dropped and/or chipped, it will need to be thrown away, as a precaution because it will expose the volcanic minerals inside.

This stone initiates energy, life and creativity. It’s a joyous stone that will give you a sense of purpose and to move forward and past any hesitation and/or fears.  
Bumblebee Jasper makes a fantastic talisman and could be your necessary healing stone to keep on hand throughout the day. 

With the stone having such importance, we have created a special collection while supplies last. Here you will fine rare bead bracelets, hand carvings and polished palm stones that are authentic and affordable. These stones are limited and purchased directly from a certified gem dealer. 

We hope that you will enjoy this rare find and we are excited to be able to offer them!



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Beautiful Bumblebee Jasper

This bracelet is stunning. Every stone is special. Some look like planets, very relaxing just to study them. I got the bracelet without the lava beads because I don't use the essential oils very often. The jet beads complement the bumblebee perfectly.