Butterfly Daytime Lotion

We have taken our original "Daytime Lotion" to a whole new level with creating our newest Butterfly Daytime Lotion and it has its own category here on our website.

This gentle lotion is a very light and fast absorbing moisturizer that can be used both on the face and body.

Made with mineral water, aloe vera juice, sweet almond oil, butterfly pea flower glycerite, roselle seed, roselle flower, natural vitamin E and beeswax.

This lotion is to be used to help retain moisture deep down as it is absorbed quickly into the skin cells to keep them hydrated. For those that have severe dry skin, we recommend to use the daytime lotion first to then seal it in with one of our thicker rich creams such as our Lavender Face Cream or using our Butterfly Cream Mask.

Lotions such as this one offers a higher water content, is thinner in consistency and quickly absorbs. This makes it an excellent day time application and is ideal to use during hot weather.

Butterfly pea flower is high in antioxidants and polyphenols that are very useful topically for the skin and these compounds help to work againts glycation, improve moisture retention, and support collagen structure. Since antioxidants help the body fight damaging free radicals, butterfly pea flower can help stave off sun damage and visible ageing of the skin.

We are introducing a new line of products that contain butterfly pea flower and they can be used in conjunction with offering plant based beneficial skin care for all stages that everyone can enjoy. Butterfly Pea Flower also goes very well with any of our Lavender products, rose and calendula.

Use this lotion for quick hydration and it offers a natural light floral scent from the roselle hibiscus flower and its mood lifting color is the result of the butterfly pea flower.

Check out our Butterfly Cream Mask, Butterfly Tincture and our decadent Butterfly Face Mist.

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Customer Reviews

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Smells wonderful

This is a great morning cream after washing your face. It goes on smooth & smells really great!! Every product that I buy from this company is amazing!!

Butterfly Daytime Lotion

I love this lotion. I use it daily and my skin stays soft. I was diagnosed with cancer and I can tolerate the scent. I just love it. Thanks for your great products.



Very nice

What a nice change! Not heavy at all. It's not making my face sweat like other lotions do in hotter weather and it feels really good on the skin.
Definitely a game changer .

Bao Pham
Holy Gail Moisturizer

Hands down one of the best moisturizers I have ever used (and I have tried a lot)! I first bought this because my skin was getting awfully dry after I came back from a trip and none of the moisturizers I have helped with the dryness. However, on the first application of this lotion, my skin feels so soft and it has such a wonderful scent. This lotion does an excellent job of keeping my skin moisturized throughout the whole day and it has becomes an important addition to my daily skincare routine. Thank you ONL for creating such an amazing moisturizer!