Calendula Facial Toner

Calendula Facial Toner clears pores and balances skin.

This should be a staple in everyone's routine as it deeply cleanses, helps with redness, is excellent for acne and helps with puffy skin.

Contains organic aloe juice, witch hazel, calendula and chamomile.  All the ingredients are anti inflammatory and excellent for all skin types. This toner is made in house with real aloe vera and infused for weeks with calendula and chamomile dried organic flowers.

Aloe vera moisturizes, treats acne and soothes redness.  Witch Hazel treats acne, soothes redness, astringent and breaks down dirt and oil. Calendula is anti inflammatory, reduces swelling, prevents premature aging, helps break outs and has many soothing properties.

Chamomile could help reduce scaring, is soothing, treats redness and contains antioxidants.

To use, wash face with a natural cleanser and pat dry. Apply the toner on a cotton round or ball and gently wipe your face, avoiding the immediate eye area and be sure to additionally go over your neck and behind your ears.  Then apply a natural moisturizer when face naturally air dries. 

Feel free to use it when you wake up to utilize its refreshing properties or any time during the day.

With the facial toner offering so many healing properties, you can certainly use it on bug bites, sunburn, itch, to cleanse a minor cut, on hemorrhoids, feminine itch and other minor complaints, to help get relief.  It is safe for all ages.

This has a shelf life of one year when kept away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Goes well with our Calendula Detox Skin Serum.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
JAmie ZWicker
Love it!

I just love how my face feels after I use this. I also recently shared spend with a co-worker because her don had a rash on his face that didn’t itch but was really red and the doctor didn’t know what it was. She used this once and it cleared it up!

Vanessa Chechile
Super helpful for my daughters oily skin

We all use it at home!

Jane G Reese
New fave toner

My daughter and I use this daily am and pm and love how it cleanses, moisturizes and tones without drying our skin!

Linda Rex
Great product

I love the way this toner makes my oily skin feel clean but not stripped of natural oils. Thanks again ONP for another great natural product.

Rachel T.

This toner is amazing. Makes my skin feel refreshed and clean.