Catnip Cat Toy

We grow our own organic catnip and utilize it in a few of our herbal teas for humans but we also offer it to the kitties!

We offer a burlap pouch stuffed with organic catnip to offer your kitty some fun times!

Catnip plants (Nepeta cataria) are members of the mint family and contain volatile oils, sterols, acids and tannins. Catnip is considered to be nonaddictive and completely harmless to cats. Some kittens may not respond until after 6 months of age. 

The herb is grown on site, harvested by hand and dried perfectly to offer a bright green leaf.

Human brains are physiologically different from cat brains and people do not react to catnip by getting "high."  For humans, it serves as a mild sedative in some herbal teas.  Catnip is commonly recommended by herbalists to lessen migraine headaches and to relieve cramps, gas, indigestion, insomnia and nervousness.

That kitty bliss is usually short-lived, lasting about 10 minutes for most cats.  At the same time, it makes others mellow and calm. But no matter what reaction your cat has, once the pleasure passes it'll be about two hours before kitty responds to catnip again.

Our catnip toy is very useful for stressful situations such as car rides, fireworks, illness and pain. Offer them the catnip toy to help them with anxiety and as a pain relief.

Should your kitty find a way to rip open the pouch and eat the dried herb, it will not hurt them and is safe.  We recommend to allow kitty to have the pouch with the herbs kept inside. Once kitty is done, take away the pouch and return to zip lock bag that it arrives in, to keep fresh and last longer.

3x3 inch cotton burlap pouch with drawstrings in a double knot.

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Moreland
Cat’s Meow

My best friends cat loved this. She gave several hours of entertainment !


If you have a cat or know someone who does, stop what you are doing and buy it now! You won't regret it!

Tina Quinn
Happy Cat

Best 🐈 Catnip EVER


Wowwwww. This stuff is potent. Our cat freaked out and fell in love with this little sachet. Never have i ever seen him enjoy catnip so much. This is the real deallllll!

Cassie Ware
ROFL. 🤣🤣

I have never given my cats catnip before. Always afraid store bought would have something “extra” in it. Anyway my 16 1/2 year old female is obsessed with this Real catnip!!! She will scream if my other cat or anyone gets too close to it!! I have puddles of drool all over my floor. I had to lock it behind closed doors to let it dry out and then had two cats sitting outside the door all night. My poor male cat didn’t even understand why they were sitting there🤣🤣🤣. Just like a guy!!