Chocolate Lip Balm

We made this special for Valentines day and is made with real chocolate!

It smells like chocolate brownies and has a natural real chocolate flavor with just enough sweetness to balance out the bitter raw chocolate.  Chocolate is naturally bitter and especially "real" chocolate without additives or sugar. We only use the highest quality ingredients and as organic as possible.

Made with organic unrefined coconut oil, organic grapeseed, raw beeswax, organic unrefined cocoa butter, organic cocoa, organic cocao and just a tiny bit of stevia extract.

We do not add any synthetics, no added flavoring or color. It is truly all natural and is beneficial for the delicate skin on our lips and highly antioxidant.  You will truly notice the difference between a natural ingredient lip balm and the ones made with additives.

Safe for all ages, completely food grade with a 1 year shelf life.

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Customer Reviews

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4-year old approved! She always wants to have what mommy does and there’s no other lip gloss I feel good about her using other than ONL’s! This chocolate lip gloss was, and I quote, “Deelicious!”

Cassie Ware

What else can be said……. And of course it works great too!!!!