Pumice Stone

NOTE - due to the difficulty in sustainably collecting these natural stones, we will be experiencing delays and possible out of stock issues. Aug 8th, 20203


This is volcanic Pumice Stone that is collected by hand as it floats down a mountain river during the summer melt,  in California. We are able to purchase these in small batches directly from the land owner who then ships them to us straight from the river.  The stone is in its all natural state with each stone offering its own unique shape that fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to concentrate on target areas. 

It is used dry on rough hard calloused skin or you can wet it for a softer exfoliation on more delicate areas.

If your using it with any soaps, be sure to rinse it well after each use.  To refresh it, leave it out in full sun for the day to allow it to completely dry out. If your pumice is in need of a deep cleansing, simply use a very stiff or even a wire brush with warm soapy water and then allow to dry out in the sun.

Absolutely no coloring, no glue, no foaming agents or other chemicals have been used on these raw, from the ground, volcanic stones. You will find that they are long lasting, hardy and will not fall apart.

Additionally, they can be used for in home aromatherapy. If you are experienced with essential oils, you can use your own by adding a few drops to the porous stone. You can tuck the stone in drawers, drop it into the bath tub or do a foot soak and exfoliation at the same time.  These are certainly fun and utilitarian Pumice Stones because they can even be used for grooming pets or removing lime build up!

Customer Reviews

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William Workman
best floatie stone


Pumice Stone for the win

I am super happy with this pumice stone and use it on my feet!

Allison Gaines
Gigantic and Glorious

Got a large and extra large, they are huge! So easy to hold and use, it is great on rough heels!

Andrea Oden

These little babies take the callous away frm ur feet. Use these everyday in the shower