Sugar Body Scrub Cinnamon Coffee

Who needs to drink coffee when all you have to do is take your morning shower with this, for a good morning wake up!

An energizing sugar body scrub made with hand crafted cinnamon oil, hand crafted coffee oil, organic fresh ground coffee beans, grapeseed and fine ground Ceylon cinnamon stick.

Cinnamon can assist in circulation by bringing blood and oxygen to the outer skins surface and is a natural antioxidant.  Coffee is super stimulating with its caffeine and additionally stimulates blood flow. Both these ingredients together,  help the texture of your skin and may even help fade cellulite.

One of our best scrubs to prep for summer season to help tone up that dull winter skin on the legs and thighs.

Shelf life is up to 3 months at room temperature. Take care of your fresh scrubs by not adding any water, keep the lid on tight and not expose to sunlight. Please do not use this particular scrub on the delicate skin on your face.

Made fresh to order and arrives in a large 8 oz jar with screw top.

Customer Reviews

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This scrub is awesome!! It is very rejuvenating and the scent is amazing!! It leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed. All of Oakwood Natural 's products are top notch!

Smells good enough to eat

I love this scrub in the morning! It wakes you up, and makes the shower smell like coffee!