Cocoa Cocao Extract Bitters

Our Cocoa Cocao Extract is made with pure organic raw cocoa powder and raw cocao nibs in a gluten free cane alcohol base. We have combined the two to offer a flavorful balanced blend that can be used in beverages, cocktails, coffee,  smoothies and foods.

It sounds confusing but it’s simply one ingredient processed 2 ways.

This extract does not offer a sweet Chocolate Flavor like we have all learned to love with our hot chocolate mixes and candy bars from the stores.  The Cocoa Cocao Extract could be considered a "single" Bitters as well as being an extract.  Chocolate in its natural form is in fact, bitter.

Cocoa powder is the dry solid remains of fermented, dried, and roasted cacao beans. The beans are cracked into nibs, which are then ground into a paste made of cocoa solids suspended in near-flavorless cocoa butter. Once processors extract the butter they're left with the crumbly solids, which are then ground into a fine powder.

Traditional chocolate is derived from the cacao plant, which grows pods. When those pods are cracked open, inside there’s a seed that looks a bit like a coffee bean. In its raw state, it tastes like a very bitter version of the processed chocolate that is used to make sweets.

Many have seen the articles about how chocolate is loaded with antioxidants. What they don't tell you is that the research on "chocolate" is actually done with cocoa and cocao in its raw form.  Most chocolate products are made with adding milk and/or sugar and this now takes chocolate from hero to zero! Dairy actually nullifies both cocoa and cocao's benefits by blocking nutrients from being absorbed.

To be clear, both cacao and cocoa come from the cacao bean of the Theobroma cacao tree. The key difference between the two lies in how the cacao bean is processed after harvesting and how the health benefits are altered as a result of this processing. 

Cocao offers proven wellness ingredients such as Polyphenols, that are naturally occurring antioxidants. They have been linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced inflammation, better blood flow, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Flavanol-rich cocoa improves the level of nitric oxide in your blood, which relaxes and dilates your arteries and blood vessels and improves blood flow.

The organic cocao that we use is raw and unprocessed and is the base of this blend. The organic cocoa that we use is minimally processed with heat, without additives and is used to balance the bitterness and offer a smoother bitter natural chocolate flavor.

We enjoy the benefits of this natural extract and its flavor can really enhance your daily meals.   I have no words for how this extract can take your coffee to the next level.  It makes it taste smooth and bolder at the same time.  Get the true benefits from chocolate by adding this to your processed chocolate dishes like brownies or your hot chocolate and latte's.  It pairs well with red wine marinades, sauces and vinegar.  Add this extract to our Rooibos, Palo Azul, Immunity Blend or our Hibiscus tea.

Hand crafted in small batches with a 4 month extraction time.

Use as you like with 1 to 3 full droppers in a beverage or for flavoring  

1 oz glass dropper bottle

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Cocoa Bitters

Gives my tea a nice kick! This stuff is amazing. Great flavor. Another great tasting product from ONL👍🏼