Sugar Body Scrub - Ceylon Cinnamon

This Cinnamon is imported directly from a small sustainable farm in Sri Lanka. It is harvested by hand and then sent straight to us with minimal handling. 

Cinnamon is wonderful for circulation, blood flow and uplifting the mood. We powder the whole cinnamon sticks to make a wonderful aromatic all natural oil that is then used to create our products.

All of our sugar scrubs are made fresh to order. We use organic cane sugar, infused hand crafted herbal oils, grape seed, therapeutic essential oils and all fresh ingredients.

No chemicals, fragrances, coloring, preservatives or anything else unnatural.

Our fresh scrubs do not require refrigeration and will last up to 3 months. Keep them fresh by making sure the lids are secure, using clean utensils and not allowing any water to come into contact, while in the jar.

Shelf life is up to 3 months and arrives in a large 8 oz jar with screw top.

We additionally create seasonal fruit scrubs and you can watch for these on our facebook page,