Personal Inhaler -Focus-

A personal inhaler that you can keep in your pocket or purse, that is made with therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils.

This is a perfect blend for individuals needing a boost for school, testing, long hours, long-distance driving and evening work.

Each inhaler is individually made by hand with a specific amount of each essential oil and carefully blended to create an aromatherapy synergy.

This is blended with rosemary, grapefruit, ginger root, & lemon.

Rosemary is a gentle stimulant that is used to overcome sluggishness and revive mental clarity.

Ginger root gives focus, stimulates circulation and gets the brain moving.

Both Grapefruit and Lemon offers an uplifitng clean scent that helps to relieve heavy emotional burdens, is energizing and assists with nervous exhaustion.

Each inhaler is good for approximately three months, depending on how often used. 

Please note – personal inhalers are only to be used by one person and not shared. They can be quite potent if left in a hot vehicle. Not intended for children. Please do not place inhaler all the way inside the nose.  😉




Customer Reviews

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Lena Curnal

Personal Inhaler -Focus-

Abigail Adamson
Help at work

This is a great pick me up in the afternoon when I hit that wall.

Cassie Ware
Little pick me up

I use it when I need a little puck me up at work.