Tincture - Bee Propolis

Bee propolis is a resinous substance gathered by honeybees from native local tree bark and leaves. It is a sticky material that bees use to seal hive holes or cracks.  Propolis has been used for thousands of years as a protection against infection, a promoter of healing and as a superior source of energy and endurance.

It is used additionally to assist with allergies, offers cancer fighting properties, immunity booster, herpes, fatigue, sore throats, acne, shingles, cold, flu, coughs and ulcers.

Propolis tincture is best to be used in a very warm drink in order for it to blend, as it is slightly thicker and resinous than our other plant based tinctures. It does very well in your morning coffee and compliments a cinnamon tincture. It can be added to warm oatmeal, coffee, herbal tea or with your daily raw honey.

We only harvest Propolis from our hives when the honey bees have produced excess amounts. Sometimes they go a little overboard on using the resin to seal cracks and spaces within the hive. When we open the top lid of the hive,  we may have to use a crow bar, because they built too much propolis along the edges. Their instincts are to seal the top lid of the hive with the propolis but we need access to make sure that they are all healthy. This is when we collect the propolis from the hives without causing harm to the bees or their home.

A tincture is a liquid concentrated extract that is made from herbs to be ingested as a supplement to utilize that herbs beneficial properties.  It is a quick and easy way to use herbs to assist with healing or as a preventative. Please see our article "What is a tincture" to understand more about them and the recommended dosages.

Tinctures have been proven to work faster, last longer and are stronger than most other forms of herbal supplements.

This is a seasonal  stocked item, so if you see it listed , we recommend to grab a bottle or two while you can.  This is made in small batches and only when we have  the propolis on hand from a recent hive inspection. We do not harvest propolis in the winter months. Please start with a very small amount such as 15 drops and go from there. This is a very concentrated Tincture.

1 ounce glass bottle with dropper included with an indefinite shelf life.

Please take care when using herbal remedies and products. We highly recommend reading our page regarding "Precautions and Contradictions" and additionally, "What is a Tincture?". 

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Customer Reviews

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Building my system

Just started, helping with allergies. Excited!!


This stuff is horrible! You don't want to buy it so there will be more for me! LOL, JUST KIDDING!!! This has been one of THE best products I have ever bought from Oakwood! Don't tell anyone though, or it will always be sold out just like it is now!!!

Tina G
A must have!

I use this daily in my morning coffee. It has helped keep my Allergies at bay this Spring!
It taste great! I have only been taking it a little over one month so don't know all the good things it's doing for me yet! I feel better then I have ever felt in Spring!

Cassie Ware

I put this in my hot lemon drink every other morning. Seasonal allergies have seemed to slack off since starting to use it.

Christine W Moenke
Bee Propolis Tincture

I purchased this tincture a few weeks ago. I have read that it helps with allergies. I always suffer from allergies from the trees that are budding in my yard in the spring. Since taking this tincture every morning in my coffee, my allergies are almost non-existent. The Tincture works great and I like the taste.