Creamed Raw Honey

Creamed Honey is 100% pure raw honey that is thick and spreadable with the consistency of smooth peanut butter.

Creamed Honey is simply crystalized honey that has been controlled by using a fine grain starter to then blend in with regular honey and allowed to replicate in texture. The starter begins with a large grain natural crystalized amount of honey that is then ground down by hand to make the large crystals into a very very fine crystal.  The very fine crystals then replicate when blended in with the regular raw honey.

Creamed honey is also called "churned", "whipped", "spun" and "fondant" honey.  It is not whipped or creamed but simply named to match the texture. It is silky, smooth,  fluffy and it allows you to enjoy it by being spreadable and less messy.

The Creamed Honey is made without heating it and then allowed to form naturally. This process does require extra steps and time for it to be completed.

Creamed Honey will remain very firm if stored in the refrigerator. Normally, we do not recommend keeping raw honey in the fridge but with this one, you should keep cool in order to keep a firm consistency. Keeping the honey in the fridge will not ruin its medicinal benefits. 

You may leave the Creamed Honey out on the counter, it will not go bad but it will soften over time.  You can leave the jar out on the counter or in the pantry if you choose, but if you want a very firm spread, then store in the fridge.

The Original Creamed Honey is made with 100% pure honey without any additives.

The Pink Creamed Honey is made with our signature Red Honey that is infused with only herbs. NO coloring added, NO additives, NO added flavorings and completely  all natural. We use hibiscus, elderberry and beet root.

All of our naturally flavored honey is authentic without additives and only infused with real herbs and spices.

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Customer Reviews

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Bobbie Laclair

Creamed Raw Honey

Kaye H
Honey addict here

Best honey in the county!!

Catherine Griebel
Creamed Honey

This honey is so delicious.

One of a kind!

Delicious and well pleased as it was my 1st time trying this :)

Valerie Martin
Creamed honey!!!

We got the original kind and it's SO GOOD! It's perfect on toast and also when making peanut butter and honey sandwiches!