Crystalized Ginger Root

 We do grow organic ginger root on our farm and we use it for many of our products such as teas, tinctures and syrup.

On occasion, we are able to make a small batch of our Crystalized Ginger!

Because it is a long process....harvesting, prepping, processing and packaging...we do not offer it on a regular basis. 

We offer thick generous slices of organic ginger root with a sprinkling of organic raw cane sugar.  The sugar helps to preserve and can be easily dusted off, should you be watching your sugar intake. Keep it sugar coated until ready to use.

Our Crystalized Ginger offers a sweet warmth for those Ginger addicts but it additionally is a game changer for irritated throats, hoarseness and cough.  You may enjoy it straight from the bag, use it in beverages, hot tea or cook with it. It can be diced up and added to salads, dressings and deserts.  It can be used in baking by adding it to your banana bread recipe, cookies or granola.

This is easily shelf stable for 30 days when kept in an airtight jar in the pantry, fridge or you may freeze it for longer stability.

Arrives in a food grade zip lock bag but please transfer to an airtight container.

4 oz wt

Customer Reviews

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Crystallized ginger

My absolute favorite snack. Sweet and “spicy” like me 😂. Seriously, love this stuff!!

Nic A.
Delicious 😋

Best Candied Ginger ever! Just sweet enough and it still has that ginger kick at the end.