Daytime Lotion

Daytime lotion is a very light dry moisturizer that is a great day time fix for dry skin. It absorbs very quickly and dries within seconds. When your out and about or at the office and just need a quick moisturizer, this is the product that you may want to have on hand. This lotion is emulsified with mineral water and aloe juice which gives it a thin consistency and is why it absorbs really quick. 

All of our other creams are based on beeswax for a more protective barrier and healing qualities to where this Daytime Lotion is used as a quick fix.

Made with mineral water, aloe vera juice, sweet almond oil, beeswax, plant glycerine, vitamin E and essential oils.

This is a very gentle all natural lotion that is appropriate for sensitive skin.

Customer Reviews

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This is a favorite lotion of mine and my youngest daughter. It smells delicious and feels silky smooth. I hate when you get a lotion that feels greasy and this does not!! It Feels light and moisturizing

Vanilla mint lotion

Ordered this to keep on my desk at work. I wash my hands all the time and they get so dry. This is light and absorbs quickly with a refreshing mint smell.

Incredible absorbing lotion!

I am so in love with this lotion! It is never greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and smooth. I have the lemongrass one and it helps repel insects, too. A little goes a long way! It helps so much with keeping skin in optimal shape after repeated washings. Absolutely the best lotion I have ever bought on my life!

Cassie Ware
Happy Happy

I can Never use lotions. First off the smells are too much for me or they are super oily. This one is just right! Especially helpful at this time and the excessive hand washing! The mint leaves you feeling cool and refreshed.