Dog Shampoo Bar

This is a wonderful all natural plant based solid bar shampoo that offers many plant benefits while thoroughly deep cleaning your dogs coat and skin. 

Made with extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and infused with fresh grown rosemary.

Rosemary is one of the safest herbs for your dog and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help heal skin conditions and soothe itch.  This shampoo bar will not strip or dry out your pets hair or skin. Fleas in particular are repelled by rosemary.

Rosemary has antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. It helps balance oily or problem skin and is a beneficial additive to pet care products and is especially useful for pet dander.

This bar is completely safe for large breeds, small breeds, puppies and can also be used on horses and humans!

These bars are easy to grip while you wash and scrub!  Start out by wetting down the entire coat. Wet the bar and rub it between your hands to get it started and then rub the bar directly on the wet coat while applying light pressure to give a little massage while the bar is lathering up.  The beauty part of using a solid bar is that fact that your not having to hold your dog while getting the shampoo out of a bottle and even worse, knocking the shampoo bottle over and spilling it. The solid bar will not spill, no waste, doesn't take up much storage space and easy to travel with.   It is great to bring with you on an outing and be able to wash off your dogs paws and your hands, while your at it. 

All of our soaps are environmentally safe and can be rinsed into the grass, in a lake or near other water sources without harming fish, birds or other plants.

You may follow up with a "small"  dab of natural coconut oil thinned in your hands and lightly apply to your dogs "dry" coat as a light conditioner and coat shine. Briskly rub into the coat down to the skin and then use a soft brush to lay the hair down and to finish evenly applying the oil.

After using your solid Dog Shampoo Bar, allow it to dry out first before storing for long periods of time.

Bars weight minimum 3.4 ounces


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Customer Reviews

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Angie Daniels

Been anxiously awaiting this for my yeast, itchy Littles. She actually enjoyed her bath for a change! Her coat is so soft ,smells amazing and no itch at the moment. Wondering if you can put the smell in a room deodorizer 😁


This is the absolute best shampoo bar!
My dog Apple goes to school with me every day. All the staff and students love how soft she is and she smells great. It’s super easy to use this bar and a little bit is all it takes! Try this you won’t regret it!

Tina Quinn
Dog Shampoo Bar

We have 2 100# babies and they have allergies. Zeus is a lab boxer mix & has the oil fur from his lab dad. He started getting the HOT spot on his back side after spending $100's On special shampoo & shots we found this incredible shampoo bar. Zeus no longer gets shots !! No longer has hot spots & loves licking his bubbles. Great stuff! Highly recommend

Tiffany and Aaron Cutter
Love this soap!!

We absolutely love this soap. Leaves them soft and smelling so fresh. I didn’t even realize how many fleas they had until I used this and rinsed them off. Definitely a product we will keep on hand.

Hands down the best

This dog shampoo bar is the best, it's good for the dog and no hazard to the environment! It's a win win! Lovely scent.