Elderberry Syrup

Fresh made with wildcrafted local Elderberries from our farm in a rich fresh harvested raw honey from our own apiaries with Ceylon Cinnamon that is imported from Sri Lanka.

This is a delicious way to boost your immunity and help prevent cold and flu. Children love the taste and it can be consumed undiluted or you may add it to any beverage.

Comes in an 8 oz volume glass bottle

No preservatives, no additives, no added sugar or coloring.

When using this syrup, it can be used undiluted or you may add it to a beverage. For adults, use 1 tablespoon daily for support or use every 3 to 4 hours when sick. Children under the age of 8 yrs, are to use 1 tsp per day or every 3-4 hours when sick. It is important to either use the elderberry daily to help prevent OR start your doses at the very beginning of feeling symptoms.

When feeling sick, it is crucial to start a healing regiment immediately to either help prevent or shorten the days of being sick.  If you have been sick for a few days without taking the extra steps to help your body heal, it may take longer for you to be well again or even experience a double infection that could include bronchitis or pneumonia. 

OTC medicines do not heal but only mask symptoms and its important to stay hydrated, use Vitamin C and Zinc and consume wellness foods such as quality bone broth, chicken soup and healing herbal teas.

There may be a slight delay with ship outs during the warmer season due to us making your syrup the very day that it is ordered. This allows us to guarantee its sustainability during shipment.

This Syrup is perishable and must be refrigerated immediately when you receive it. It is safe to ship with 2 to 3 day postal services during warm weather when fresh made. Shelf stable when kept in the refrigerator up to 3 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Cheryl Branch
Elderberry Defense

I am a huge believer in Elderberry syrup. I had been buying it for years at CVS, not anymore. This is the only syrup I use now.

Angie Daniels
Awesome products and service!

I ordered the elderberry syrup and several other products for my household and love everything. The elderberry is my reinforcement for immunity and the rose petal creme is just luxury. I was surprised how quickly my order was processed and received. I may need to place another order soon since my son got possession of the menthol shower spray. Thanks Oakwood!

Leslie Moyer
Love it

The elderberry syrup is sugar free but sweet to the taste. The elderberries and honey do it naturally. I love the boost to my immune system. I make an extra effort to never run out. 💜

Gary Archer
Elderberry Syrup

I have a blood cancer called Thrombocythemia & am on a chemo drug. I have been taking elderberry syrup every day for several years. Since the drug I take can compromise my immune system I feel Christine’s syrup protects. I haven’t been sick or had any health issues. I don’t like having to be on the drug but it is life saving for me. Thank you for giving me assurance that I am protecting myself from my condition. I also take Brent’s honey daily. I told my hematologist/oncologist about the syrup & honey & he said it was great that I was also using natural remedies. My counts are staying good. With COVID protecting myself is vital. Thank you for all you do to take care of us. 😍

Christine Baudier
A MUST Have!

This is a staple in our home. A must have for when you’re feeling under the weather or when your battling a cold/allergies. Tastes great.