Sugar Body Scrub Eucalyptus Lemongrass

We don't offer just scrubs that smell good....we offer scrubs that are healing and therapeutic !

Eucalyptus offers therapeutic properties that assists with fatigue, it stimulates the nervous system and promotes concentration. It is a strong germicidal and disinfectant, helps to relieve tension and body soreness.

Lemongrass additionally assists with nervousness, anxiety and can pack a punch to help relieve body soreness when blended with eucalyptus.

Keep in mind, that any scrub can be used as a poultice or compress. This scrub in particular can be applied as a treatment, in a thick layer,  to target areas and allowed to penetrate for up to 10 minutes, and then rinsed off or move it to another area on the body to then finish using it as a scrub.

We use organic cane sugar, infused hand crafted herbal oils, grape seed, therapeutic essential oils and all fresh ingredients.

We grow our own lemongrass on site and create an herbal oil with it.

No chemicals, fragrances, coloring, preservatives or anything else unnatural in any of our scrubs or other products.

Our fresh scrubs do not require refrigeration and will last up to 3 months. Keep them fresh by making sure the lids are secure, using clean utensils and not allowing any water to come into contact, while in the jar.

If you love this combo, then try our Eucalyptus/Lemongrass skin oil.

All of our scrubs arrive in a large 8 oz jar with a screw top lid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Birthday Gift!

I gave this as a gift to the director of my department and she came back how amazing the product was and how it soaked into your skin and didn’t wash off in the shower. ONL truly has products that are beneficial, healing, and actually work! I highly recommend them.

Softest Skin

I used this to get rid of that winter skin and it worked great! My skin was soft after without any lotion and it evened my skin tone.